31 January 2017

A Hateful Order

LGBTQ Nation reported yesterday (link here) that Donald Trump will soon sign an executive order allowing widespread anti-LGBT discrimination. The order is expected to permit discrimination in employment, social services, business, and more.

As the article states, "the order is expected to come in the packaging of so-called 'religious freedom,' which argues that someone’s religious beliefs should be enough to prevent them from having to provide goods and services to members of the LGBT community if doing so would conflict with said beliefs."

The piece details what would result: federally funded adoption agencies may discriminate against LGBT parents, elimination of non-discrimination protections so federal employees and contractors may be fired because of their sexual orientation, allowing federal employees to refuse to serve same-sex marriage partners, and much more.

So, for instance, if you wanted to visit a national park with your lover, a religious chief ranger could kick you out and say you weren't allowed in because you're not a heterosexual, thanks to Trump's order protecting hateful bigots.

Trump's action was originally expected as early as this week, but apparently has been delayed for unknown reasons.

I'm left wondering how long LGBT Trump supporters will continue to insist that the new President is pro-LGBT rights? How much handwriting on the wall do you need to see?

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