31 January 2013

Command Presence

In law enforcement parlance, they have a concept known as command presence. It's the idea that a police officer should exude such obvious authority that an ordinary citizen will adhere to his command without question.

Stop right there. Come over here. Show me your ID.

What about this bloke? Does he exude command presence for you? If he ordered you to get down on your knees between his legs and put something into your mouth, would you do it without question?

30 January 2013

Ready for His Closeup

Someone just posted this on Xvideos by I seem to remember seeing it before. It's a spoof on Sunset Boulevard, a great classic that nonetheless lends itself to a porn version.

I like porn with hot sex, but I also like it when it attempts to be something a little extra with some plot and actual attempts at character development, not that porn stars are particularly great actors.

29 January 2013

Socks and Cocks

There's something very tempting about a hot man who's wearing little other than his socks. It's not a fetish for me but something I nonetheless find alluring. I sleep naked except for socks to keep me warm, and the first time my boyfriend saw me like that, he said it really turned him on.

All of these shots came from the great Tumblr blog Men in Socks. Give it a gander -- you'll be glad you did.

28 January 2013

International Armpit Appreciation Day

I suspect there's actually no such thing as International Armpit Appreciation Day, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate a man's pits here. I prefer men with big bushy pits that remained untrimmed. Of course, it goes without saying that they should wash daily under there so as to avoid bacterial growth which can cause stench.

I think it's incredibly sexy when the pit hair is so long it's visible even if he has his arm tight against his side. That's one nice thing about living in a warm weather state like California, with many hot men in their tanktops and bushy pits on full display.

27 January 2013

Alternative Video Double Feature

The Xvideos site is having some kind of problem at the moment -- vids are extremely slow in loading -- so here are a few hot flicks I found at one of their competitor's sites. Clicking on either vid will open a new tab with the flick playing in a larger window.

26 January 2013

Dads and Lads Triple Feature

Two of you readers have written to me recently asking when I'd be featuring more older/younger vids. So in response, here's a few that have been posted recently on the Xvideos site. Hopefully everyone will find at least one here to enjoy.

25 January 2013

Batter's Up

Given I didn't leave the UK until halfway through my childhood, the game of baseball has always been a mystery to me. One thing about the game that's crystal clear, however, is that the professional players are often incredibly hot studs.

I have no idea if Andy here is a real baseball player. He looks like he could be one, what with those big guns. Baseball players tend to be big strong men with powerful arms.

These are part of an eighteen-picture set, which you can download for free here (mirror here).

24 January 2013

Paging Doctor Hotness

I thought this was a promo for some new TV series when I first saw it. No real doctor is actually this hot.

I was wrong. He isn't an actor. He's a real doctor, a vet to be exact.

Unfortunately, his good looks are totally lost on Sparky and Fluffy. Animals usually don't even like vets. In fact, he's probably widely reviled by his patients. The clients paying the bills, I'm sure, are an entirely different matter.

Doctor Hotness probably sees more perfectly healthy pets than any vet in the country. He left two kibbles in his dish, doctor, so I thought I should bring him in right away.

23 January 2013

Kurt & Jim & Marco Double Feature

Self suck vids usually don't do much for me but this first one is an exception. The fantastically hot Kurt Rogers jerks off and gives himself a facial. It's not to be missed. That must feel fantastic when he runs his tongue over the tip of his own cock. If only I was this flexible.

Be forewarned the second one will possibly be offensive to some. The very hot top has a Prince Albert which he does not remove when he fucks the bottom, who also has a rectal prolapsing issue. You have been warned. Thanks to Hank for the heads-up on this second video.

22 January 2013

Hunter Gatherer

I usually don't post images with watermarks because I find them distracting, but nothing can distract me from this cutie. He has nearly everything I look for in a man -- an innocent face, a sweet smile, blue eyes, huge shoulders, great build, and a virgin hole ready for use.

I want to gather Hunter and do naughty things to him until he begs for more. I'll just fix some spiked Gatoraid, some sturdy bindings to secure his arms and legs whilst he's unconscious, and then as soon as he rouses, I'll get to work. His porn name is Hunter, which almost certainly real.

21 January 2013

Sixes and Sevens

Here are seven lads with commendable six packs. Hmmm... six, seven... that reminds me. The longer I live in America, the less I tend to use British idioms, but one I still use semi-regularly is "at sixes and sevens," which means a state of disarray or confusion.

These blokes are all clothed but my filthy mind has already put them into several scenarios where they would decidedly not be at sixes and sevens. One I'm calling "short straw gangbang" -- whomever draws the shortest straw must bottom for the other six lads. Which one would you like to see pull the short one?

20 January 2013

Unusual Double Penetration

This vid features real-life boyfriends (at the time the video was made) double-fucking a cock-crazed bottom. I don't recall seeing another double-penetration flick using this sex position.

I like the cum shot on the end when they splooj on each other's cocks. Hot cum shot on your hard cock feels fantastic, don't you agree?

19 January 2013

Saturday Double Feature

Industrious contributors have put up a lot of new scenes on the Xvideos site this week, and here are two which I thought were particularly noteworthy. As always, the new videos don't always last, so watch 'em while you can.

18 January 2013

Get Naked and Take Your Picture

I imagine when Steve Jobs invented the iPhone he never realized hot naked guys would photograph themselves and put their photos on the Internet.

There should be a word for unintended positive consequences of an invention. Of course "serendipity" works in a way, but that has unrelated uses, too.

By the way, I have first dibs on the second lad. And then I'll move on to one and three together.