25 January 2013

Batter's Up

Given I didn't leave the UK until halfway through my childhood, the game of baseball has always been a mystery to me. One thing about the game that's crystal clear, however, is that the professional players are often incredibly hot studs.

I have no idea if Andy here is a real baseball player. He looks like he could be one, what with those big guns. Baseball players tend to be big strong men with powerful arms.

These are part of an eighteen-picture set, which you can download for free here (mirror here).


  1. Anonymous08:01

    All that oil will make it easier to slide into home plate. He also has a nice tailhook in case he has to land on a carrier at sea.

  2. Cute guy but he needs to lose the bandana. He looks like a pirate, a fortune teller, or he knows nothing about birthing no babies.

    Who am I kidding? I'm so lonely I would take him bandana or not. Hell, he could show up at my door in a rainbow clown wig and a welding mask and I would invite him in.

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous17:20

    'Andy' was hot in his time, but I'm sure these photos from >20 years ago in Honcho/Torso/Men were the last time he was a photographic models. Nice fantasy, though.


  4. Where exactly did you grow up in the UK? (I was Essex, now Los Angeles and Hawaii these past 26 years; sure beats most of Southend).

    1. I first grew up in London (Clapham to be exact) and then moved with my family to Rapid City, South Dakota, where I finished growing up. Yes, it was extreme cultural shock for a young lad. I moved to LA when I was 18 to attend college.


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