28 January 2013

International Armpit Appreciation Day

I suspect there's actually no such thing as International Armpit Appreciation Day, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate a man's pits here. I prefer men with big bushy pits that remained untrimmed. Of course, it goes without saying that they should wash daily under there so as to avoid bacterial growth which can cause stench.

I think it's incredibly sexy when the pit hair is so long it's visible even if he has his arm tight against his side. That's one nice thing about living in a warm weather state like California, with many hot men in their tanktops and bushy pits on full display.


  1. Love how you think! I think pits are hot with the smell!

  2. Anonymous10:40

    Oh, man! Everyone one of the is as hot as all get out!

  3. Tolly13:54

    Thick furry armpits win... but I have to say... if they smell manly, even better. That really gets me going.

  4. Anonymous15:09

    I have and will always be a pit man, guys don't you dare trim there. I love their natural scent, now not talking about not bathing for days, but say after a long run or workout, it's an instant rod for me.

    Oh, btw, I am going to get off, looking at the next to the last pic.. Thanks


  5. Anonymous17:14

    I've always though the most beautiful flower there is was the man-flower. The fragrance of an otherwise clean full blossom after just a day at work is the best aphrodisiac I know. And loose the antiperspirants, they will shrivel the tongue in an instant.


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