23 January 2013

Kurt & Jim & Marco Double Feature

Self suck vids usually don't do much for me but this first one is an exception. The fantastically hot Kurt Rogers jerks off and gives himself a facial. It's not to be missed. That must feel fantastic when he runs his tongue over the tip of his own cock. If only I was this flexible.

Be forewarned the second one will possibly be offensive to some. The very hot top has a Prince Albert which he does not remove when he fucks the bottom, who also has a rectal prolapsing issue. You have been warned. Thanks to Hank for the heads-up on this second video.


  1. Anonymous11:44

    Flexibility is important but so is length. Should we assume all you're lacking is the flexibility?

    1. I'm longer than average for a short man. Men have complimented me on my thickness. Being short may be why I have less spinal flexibility than a taller lad.

  2. I'm torn when it comes to self suck videos. Watching them does not turn me on. I'm too distracted by how painfully uncomfortable the self sucker looks. Yet, if I could do it, I would never leave my house.

    In my younger days, I used to try and try bending and contorting myself in half until my spine was sore. Sad to say, my tongue and my dick have never met.

    And speaking of torn, Yuck! Watching Mr. Bottom's hole unpucker was enough to make me turn straight. I hope Mr. Bottom made enough cash from the video to pay his insurance deductible. He needs some medical attention.

    I'm sure some of your other viewers got off, but not me. Sorry.

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous19:24

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  4. "Watching Mr. Bottom's hole unpucker was enough to make me turn straight."

    Leo, I second that!

  5. Thanks for agreeing, iain.

    Leo G.

  6. Anonymous17:32

    I am unanimous!



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