31 January 2013

Command Presence

In law enforcement parlance, they have a concept known as command presence. It's the idea that a police officer should exude such obvious authority that an ordinary citizen will adhere to his command without question.

Stop right there. Come over here. Show me your ID.

What about this bloke? Does he exude command presence for you? If he ordered you to get down on your knees between his legs and put something into your mouth, would you do it without question?


  1. Anonymous12:03

    Yes SIR!


  2. That's like asking if the sky is blue.

  3. Anonymous21:04

    Without a doubt.

  4. Anonymous21:17

    absolutly, without questions and without wasting any time he's super hot Nate Carlton from Colt Studios,one of the hotest men in porm now and always


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