21 January 2013

Sixes and Sevens

Here are seven lads with commendable six packs. Hmmm... six, seven... that reminds me. The longer I live in America, the less I tend to use British idioms, but one I still use semi-regularly is "at sixes and sevens," which means a state of disarray or confusion.

These blokes are all clothed but my filthy mind has already put them into several scenarios where they would decidedly not be at sixes and sevens. One I'm calling "short straw gangbang" -- whomever draws the shortest straw must bottom for the other six lads. Which one would you like to see pull the short one?


  1. I would certainly not kick any of them out of bed. But if I did it would be so they could fuck me on the floor.

  2. Anonymous08:33

    I would pick No. 5 which I think he would be unexpected to take that role.


  3. 2 beautiful combinations. but better they are.. so sexyS!!.
    hey men cute post, and i like so much that ur post about pics and videos!

  4. Male Model Panas

    Great picture, i like their muscles, happy blogging friend :D

  5. The bottom has to be picture 2 - Jessie Godderz - formerly of Big Brother and now a wrestler on TNA Impact . I think that picture is from a few years back because he's much bigger and buffer now which makes him an even juicier bottom .

  6. I vote for 2 to get the short straw.

  7. Paul19:38

    THe huge round nipples of Raciel Castro third from the bottom - needs to have large truck battery Jumper cables attached

  8. sukemnsee15:29

    Seeing Jesse (2) on TNA always makes me laugh and it would certainly entertain with him as Bottom. Also 5 with C in 2 briefs looks so hard it would be as Pete says, the unexpected and with close ups very exciting

  9. Anonymous21:14

    Number 7.....YES!

  10. Anonymous08:34

    I vote for #5 (?Raciel Castro?) to bottom. He looks like he needs to learn a lesson! (His pecs & nips are great - super sexy.)
    #6 has the kind of looks that most appeal to me. His face/mouth are my choice to fuck!
    Who is #1? If I saw more of him, maybe he'd be on my "list"!

  11. Anonymous13:33

    Jesse #2 would be one hot bottom with the other studs in these pics and thinking he could be joined as a bottom with #7. Like to see both screaming for joy.

  12. I want to see the last one in the bottom picture be the gang bottom for all of them and then let me finish him off . His name is Kevin P and I hear he is the lover of that Bodybuilder guy Sagi Kalev anyway so he has been banged a bunch I bet

  13. Raciel Castro #5 is my choice for short straw boi - He has nipples that are too fine !


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