28 February 2010

Litmus Test

Many people use what I call a "litmus test" to describe features in someone that either attracts them or turns them off as a first impression. Yes, that sounds superficial, but we all do it. This lad has quite a few "yes" bits about him that fit the bill for my personal litmus test: a sweet and kind face, a nice build, an uncut cock, a fantastic ass.

27 February 2010

Lusty Reunion

When you suddenly see your beloved, after time apart, a reunion can be both joyous and erotic. Not too long ago, I met my boyfriend at the airport after he returned from a longer oversees business trip. I gave him a big kiss on the mouth, and some older broad practically had a stroke. I was too happy to see him to care about her attitude.

I like the look of these two blokes -- they could be real guys you see anywhere in your daily travels. That gives this video a nice voyeuristic edge. They're not conventionally pretty faces, but they sure are hot studs.

26 February 2010


I thought I featured Quentin before but cannot find that post. He's both a mainstream model and musician, 29, 5'11", 200 pounds, and of Middle Eastern ethnicity. He's also done a few solo nude shoots like these for various websites.

25 February 2010

Go Doggy Go

When you want to give or get a good pounding, it's hard to beat doggystyle. These images are from the great blog Jack Off Material, where he's celebrating his 3,000th (whew) post.

24 February 2010


This one quickened my pulse. I hope it does the same for you.

23 February 2010


A reader asked why you could no longer click on the images to see larger versions. You still can, but you now need to right click with your mouse and select the appropriate choice, depending on your browser. I'm now hosting many images at PimpAndHost.com, a free site, which allows for larger and crisper photos here, but that means you can no longer left click on them. No big change -- just right click, not left click. So practice with today's hot athletes!

22 February 2010

Up Against the Wall

What a beautiful man. He came from Gay Tagide, where there's never a shortage of spectacular men.

21 February 2010

Does This Hurt?

Here's another one of those things seen regularly in porn but not likely in real life. I guess this technically is a "parole violation" of sorts.

20 February 2010

Household God

The ancients often revered a household god, a specially chosen deity who protected the home. The residents worshiped that god in private within the household, rather than at a temple.

The picture below is of my household god, also known as my boyfriend, whom I worship in our home as often as I can. I love him absolutely and unconditionally like I have never loved anyone before. He, in turn, loves me in so many special ways like no man ever has. Our relationship grows closer and stronger every day because we're the perfect yin and yang, opposites that make a complete whole. I wish I could show his face but cannot because of his work.

I did not know him a year ago. In fact, this time last year I was in something of a funk. I was determined to make a personal transformation because I was becoming increasingly flabby and overweight as I grew older. I hoped to return, at least, to my former weight, but I had dreams of becoming more muscular and "ripped."

That was the personal reason behind starting this blog, exactly one year ago today. I had collected many pictures and videos of hot men but always felt some remorse I never attracted a boyfriend who looked that good. I thought if I could transform myself, I stood a better chance of attracting a stud. The pictures were my inspiration. Men who looked like me, well, they often felt like me. I wanted more.

A few months before beginning this blog, I had hired a very strict (and hot and straight) personal trainer who started me on the road to my goal. Although he was a good trainer and a genuine god, he was also an asshole with attitude to spare. In fact, this post was written specifically with him in mind, because he had treated me exactly in the manner I described. (He was not, of course, the bloke pictured in that entry.)

Cut to a few months later when I met my boyfriend, shortly after I started this blog. I thought he was mad at me for looking him over, because he is very hot, but it turns out he had been watching me, as he admitted later. In our first conversation, he complimented me on my transformation, which was only partly achieved at that point -- I had lost a good deal of weight, rather quickly, but still did not have anywhere near the definition I wanted.

He very sweetly started to volunteer training advice when I saw him. He had worked as a personal trainer in the past but more recently had moved on to other pursuits. One thing led to another and, without my directly asking, he agreed to help me for some extra income. I fired the fascist.

What began as a friendship soon blossomed into a full blown romance. As I grew stronger in body, so too did I in confidence. I learned it mattered far more on the inside who I was than on the outside, although having a nice exterior never hurts. I now feel as good as I did when I was in high school and college, but I look much better than I did back then. I will never be a big massive musclestud -- I'm far too ectomorphic and short for that. I am very happy with how I look, however, given my transformation is complete. My baby keeps me on the straight and narrow, so no more flabby gut and jiggly ass for me.

So begins Year Two of this blog. I have far, far more traffic than I ever thought possible, according to Google Analytics. Thanks to all you readers for stopping by, for subscribing, and for your many comments.

19 February 2010


I've been looking for eye candy in the 2010 Winter Olympics broadcasts and Canadian figure skater Vaughn Chipeur caught my eye. He's younger than the blokes I tend to fancy, but he sounds intriguing because he goes against the stereotype of the typical figure skater. He's very into hockey, cars, and drag racing. He's a "pocket stud," measuring in at 5'6", and is 25, which is older than I think he looks.

18 February 2010

Naked for a Cause

This is Aussie rugger John Williams posing for a celebrity calendar that raised money for charity. He's 25, 6'1", and weighs 210 pounds. He has a younger brother, the equally hot rugger David Williams, also known as "Wolfman."

17 February 2010

Down by the River

Imagine rafting down the river and seeing this going down. Would you stop? Join in?

16 February 2010


These photos are probably at least fifteen and close to twenty years old. The model in them, Kevin, retired from porn in 1994. I look at pictures like this and wonder where he is now and what he's doing. Has he aged gracefully? Is he still in fantastic shape? Has he learned to smile? Sometimes golden boys let themselves go to seed and gravity is not kind to them. At other times, however, they look so much better when they cross the forty or fifty threshold.

15 February 2010

Thinking About Dick

I didn't realize military blokes were so interested in dick. If they'd hurry up and repeal that "don't ask don't tell" nonsense, I could help them out.

14 February 2010

Home Alone

I thought these were memorable amateur shots. He looks like a real heartbreaker. I found him at the excellent blog Dan in OKC.

Happy Valentine's Day.

13 February 2010


Why does this never happen to me when I go to the rental place? The clerks there are women whose only hobbies are eating fast food.

12 February 2010


I remember the first time I wore a jockstrap in middle school. Pretty much everyone was horrified by the strange underwear we had to wear for gym that left your buttocks exposed. It felt odd, too, with the fabric of your gym clothes rubbing against your bare backside.

Boys mocked each other in the lockerroom. The gym teacher would check that you were wearing one -- he called it an "athletic supporter" -- by reaching his hand inside your shorts leg and snapping the elastic band.

Sometime in high school, however, I began to realize I liked watching other boys, particularly the older athletic ones, when they wandered around the lockerroom wearing only their jockstraps. There was something so alluring about their snug buttocks framed with their supporter. That was when I began to realize I was different.