13 February 2010


Why does this never happen to me when I go to the rental place? The clerks there are women whose only hobbies are eating fast food.


  1. Anonymous06:41

    We ought to be able to download to disk to enable later watching when the entire thing is downloaded, so we don't waste all day waiting for bandwidth to stream it to our screens. We don't all have 100Mbps broadband, you know!

  2. GQ, if you install RealPlayer, which is freeware, you can then download most any video, including the ones at Xvideos.com.

  3. Not bad at all. Bottom needs to learn how to deep-throat properly though. But with regard to those fat girls at the video store--you actually want them. The video store near my house had a gay manager for a couple of years. He wasn't very gifted, so he hired fat girls and cute boys. Because of the age of likely workers, they were always BOYS, not MEN, and all dumb as rocks. The smart cute guys moved on quickly. None were MEN. In contrast, the fat girls were at least competent.

  4. RedCedar16:14

    Video's been deleted.

  5. RedCedar, unfortunately that happens sometimes at Xvideos. That's a remote host and I didn't upload that particular clip there -- I do with many of the clips I feature in my blog but not all. So if you see a video you like here on the blog, download it when you first see it in the event it's later killed over there.


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