23 February 2010


A reader asked why you could no longer click on the images to see larger versions. You still can, but you now need to right click with your mouse and select the appropriate choice, depending on your browser. I'm now hosting many images at PimpAndHost.com, a free site, which allows for larger and crisper photos here, but that means you can no longer left click on them. No big change -- just right click, not left click. So practice with today's hot athletes!


  1. love the Men here, would not mind playing ball with them.

  2. rugbysex09:14

    I would not mind playing ANYTHING with them!

  3. Anonymous10:17

    Norton reports pimpandhost.com as having "computer threats" - not sure what that specifically means in this case - I didn't stick around to find out.

  4. Anon, that problem was remedied long ago. Norton needs to update. The P&H issue was a minor problem caused by a now-banned user some months ago.

  5. Anonymous13:43

    just know that the right/left click options rule out that issue for most MAC users who don't have the same PC format mac. Even with my advanced mouse and IMAC, the click option does not work. It also won't work for any laptop using a touch pad. Kinda sucks.

  6. Anon, I figured out how I can make it work with some extra html coding. I'll do it on future posts.

  7. Anonymous17:27

    Right click on a MAC is achieved by simultaneously holding down CTRL+SHIFT and then CLICKing... A small window appears allowing various options, the first of which is to open the image in a separate window. FYI


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