12 February 2010


I remember the first time I wore a jockstrap in middle school. Pretty much everyone was horrified by the strange underwear we had to wear for gym that left your buttocks exposed. It felt odd, too, with the fabric of your gym clothes rubbing against your bare backside.

Boys mocked each other in the lockerroom. The gym teacher would check that you were wearing one -- he called it an "athletic supporter" -- by reaching his hand inside your shorts leg and snapping the elastic band.

Sometime in high school, however, I began to realize I liked watching other boys, particularly the older athletic ones, when they wandered around the lockerroom wearing only their jockstraps. There was something so alluring about their snug buttocks framed with their supporter. That was when I began to realize I was different.


  1. Great jock shots!

  2. Great shots!

    Jockstraps are the HOTTEST thing ever invented!!

  3. these are really nice. i love guys in jocks, and frequently request my FBs to wear one.

  4. Anonymous21:09

    Great photos. I realized the same thing when I saw guys walking around wearing jocks.

  5. brandon kent in the first photo is SUPER-HOT!!!


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