27 February 2010

Lusty Reunion

When you suddenly see your beloved, after time apart, a reunion can be both joyous and erotic. Not too long ago, I met my boyfriend at the airport after he returned from a longer oversees business trip. I gave him a big kiss on the mouth, and some older broad practically had a stroke. I was too happy to see him to care about her attitude.

I like the look of these two blokes -- they could be real guys you see anywhere in your daily travels. That gives this video a nice voyeuristic edge. They're not conventionally pretty faces, but they sure are hot studs.


  1. That was definitely a great way to start my morning! Not sure which of the two guys turns me on more - the furry daddy or the pierced guy. Who cares - it was freakin' hot. Thank you!

  2. James15:48

    Who is the pierced guy? I've seen him before, getting his ass pummeled by Michael Brandon. Super hot!

  3. Anonymous06:54

    They are both hot sexy guys. love to have a hot sexxion with both of them. Love this video. one of the best


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