31 July 2020

That Again

Yesterday, Donald Trump tweeted and then pinned his usual lies about fraud in mail-in voting and then added "delay the election until people can properly, securely and safely vote?" Needless to say, the usual variety of pundits went into pearl-clutching overdrive at that.

Once again, Trump has utterly no power to do this. None. Zip. Zilch. A number of great sources make clear why this is not possible. Here's some of the best of them: the National Constitution Center (link here), Roll Call magazine (link here), the New York Times (link here), and the Washington Post (link here).

Why did he do this? The answer was obvious. Yesterday was a brutal news day for him. The US Gross Domestic Product in the second quarter fell by the largest percentage in American history, thanks in large part to his gross mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic. And, three former Presidents from both parties delivered moving eulogies to the late great John Lewis at a funeral Trump skipped.

Because he wanted to distract people and because he cannot stand it when he's not the center of attention, he tweeted his usual horseshit. Don't let him distract you.

Goodbye July

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30 July 2020

Batshit Crazy

Stella Immanuel is a doctor based in Houston and also an evangelical fundamentalist preacher. She has garnered considerable attention because of her strange YouTube videos where she peddles a wide variety of bizarre theories, including:

— That alien DNA is used in medical treatments here on earth.

— Scientists are developing a vaccine to prevent people from becoming religious.

— Part of the government is run by reptilians.

— Gynocological problems are caused by dreaming about sex with witches and demons.

— The Illuminati will destroy the world through abortion and gay marriage.

And on and on. One wonders how this woman still has a medical license.

The most disturbing thing about Immanuel, however, is the fact that the President of the United States tweeted several of her videos (details here) where, among other things, she touts support for the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19, notwithstanding doctors and scientists have proven the drug is ineffective and downright dangerous in treating the coronavirus.

It's mind boggling how Donald Trump regularly does things like this, promoting crackpot theories and conspiracy theories. Yet another reason why he must be defeated in November. He's endangering people with his reckless behavior.

Heatwave Humping

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29 July 2020

Hollow Man

In May, I wrote a piece about how, unique among all modern Presidents, Donald Trump does not try to console a suffering nation in this time of great crisis and grief (link here). Back then, the coronavirus death toll was closing in on 100,000 whereas today it has passed 150,000.

And still nothing from Trump. No empathy, no sympathy, nothing. Just more self-pity, shameless self-promotion, bragging, lying, and all the usual behaviors.

Yesterday, the New York Times ran an excellent piece (link here) about how Trump's lack of empathy is something that he views as a strength. The piece begins with recalling about how, when speaking at his father's funeral, rather than eulogize the man, he talked about himself.

This is hurting him politically and at the polls, as well it should. If you cannot feel empathy, you cannot lead. You cannot choose what is best for your fellow American. If you only think about yourself, you will make decisions with only yourself in mind.

That may be fine for running a real estate company. But it's a terrible trait in a national leader. It's the stuff of dictators, not America. And it must end on November third.

Inked Muscle

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28 July 2020

Rose Garden

The United States is facing the greatest health crisis in more than a century. Millions have become ill. Unemployment is at historic highs. Businesses are closing by the thousands.

But at the White House, the focus yesterday was on a plan to revamp the Rose Garden (details here).

First Lady Melania Trump declared "the Rose Garden have always stood as a symbol of our strength, resilience and continuity." That sounds lovely but it's a pile of odoriferous fertilizer. The Rose Garden wasn't installed until the White House was more than a hundred years old.

What a perfect metaphor for the Trump White House. The nation is in grave crisis but they're talking about how everything is coming up roses. Thankfully, Election Day is less than a hundred days away and we can end this catastrophe.

If It's Tuesday

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27 July 2020

Family Affair

Mary Trump, who is Donald Trump's niece, has written a tell-all book about her family and uncle. This is one of the several books that the President sued to keep from seeing the light of day, an effort that proved to be futile.

Last Thursday, Mary appeared on the NPR program Fresh Air to be interviewed about her uncle. It's a fascinating program that I highly recommend. You can download that episode for free indefinitely here. She offers a lot of insights into why her uncle is such a sadistic and cruel man.

I'm currently slogging my way through John Bolton's book about Trump, which I don't recommend. Once that's done, I plan to tackle Mary's book and will share my thoughts on it here.

The Seven-Minute Itch

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26 July 2020

Mugged by Reality

On Friday, the New York Times published an excellent piece (link here) with the title "‘Mugged by Reality,’ Trump Finds Denial Won’t Stop the Pandemic."

Donald Trump's natural instinct is to lie, to twist, to obfuscate, to distort, to deceive, and more. He lies habitually and excessively. It's like he can't help himself from doing so.

As a businessman, he lied all the time. Sometimes that got him into trouble but more often it did not.

As a late-blooming politician, he lied endlessly on the campaign trail, more than any prominent candidate in American history. As President, he has lied more than 20,000 times, as recently documented by the Washington Post (details here). No past President comes close to touching such a record.

When the media documented those lies and sometimes called him on it, he just steamrolled on, pretending it didn't happen. His core supporters were so enthralled by him that they believed his lies and screeched "fake news" when the media reported the truth.

Lying was a trick that worked Trump's whole life. It doesn't work with a pandemic, however.

For the majority of Americans who already knew Trump was a serial liar, his constant lies about the coronavirus have only made them angrier and more frustrated at stillborn and tepid solutions to the crisis.

For the minority of Americans who still believe Trump, their blind faith has become a fatal mistake. He mocked social distancing, shutting down the economy, wearing masks, and more. They mocked such practices, too, and tried to pretend the pandemic didn't exist. And as we can now see with soaring infection and death rates in so-called red states, that blind belief has become deadly.

"He needed to be the pandemic President. Instead he became a pandemic denier," says a medical doctor quoted in the Times article linked first above. "Unfortunately, when a President refuses to accept scientific reality... his words and actions are emulated by large numbers of Americans who then dismiss the seriousness of the pandemic with predictable disastrous consequences."

Even now, with Trump somewhat more sober and honest about the pandemic crisis, he's still lying a good deal of the time. He hasn't stopped lying; he's just lying and dissembling a little less.

And the Covid-19 pandemic still will get much worse before it gets better. The summer/autumn surge is looking like it will be a lot worse than the spring surge.

This is why we need a new President elected on November 3. Trump will never stop lying. We need a President who will tell us the truth, who will see the problem for what it is, not what he wishes it would be. Only then can real solutions be developed and have any chance of lasting success.

Sunday Brunch

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25 July 2020


The right-wing's enmity against masks to stop the spread of Covid-19 is one of the most bizarrely stupid ideas amongst Donald Trump's supporters. Because Trump has only very rarely worn a mask and only very recently, somehow it became "weak" and "liberal" to wear one.

Some of this thinking can be chalked up to typical Trumpian selfishness. If I wear a mask, I'm protecting other people. It is a selfless act. It's accepting a minor inconvenience for the benefit of others without any benefit to myself. That's something narcissists cannot understand.

So when an anti-mask Trump-loving conservative is stricken with the coronavirus, it's difficult not to gloat with schadenfreude. Take, for instance, the Republican politician from Arkansas who called masks "draconian" and who has now contracted Covid-19 (details here).

He likely caught that from a selfish bastard like himself who refuses to wear a mask. The fact that he's anti-LGBT and rants against Sesame Street and its "radical LGBT agenda" adds an extra helping of schadenfreude.

Cum to Tears?

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24 July 2020


Former senator and one-time presidential candidate Gary Hart penned a really smart piece yesterday for the New York Times (link here) about how once Donald Trump is out of office, which hopefully will be next January, Congress must establish a select committee to study presidential secret powers, how they might be abused, and how the legislative branch needs to establish strict oversight.

As Hart notes, "we have recently come to learn of at least a hundred documents authorizing extraordinary presidential powers in the case of a national emergency, virtually dictatorial powers without congressional or judicial checks and balances.... Trump alluded to these authorities in March when he said, 'I have the right to do a lot of things that people don’t even know about.' No matter who occupies the office, the American people have a right to know what extraordinary powers Presidents believe they have."

In a backdoor way, this is an example of how some good can come out of Trump's horrible presidency, the same way much-needed reforms came after Richard Nixon's presidency. Many of those reforms, it's worth noting, Trump has worked to dismantle, thanks in great part by William Barr, his deeply corrupt and fanatical attorney general.

This is also a good reason why it's absolutely essential that not only must Trump be defeated in November, but both houses of Congress must be kept out of Republican hands. We can have no positive reform with a divided Congress or a Congress at war with Trump's successor.

All the more reason to make certain your voter registration is current and in good standing so you're ready to vote in November or even earlier if allowed in your state. And it's also part of the reason to encourage every relative, acquaintance, and friend you know who will vote against Trump actually show up to vote or complete a mail-in ballot from home.

Together, we can bring this nation back from the brink of insanity.

Double Penetration Nation

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23 July 2020

Power Grab

The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution says Congressional "representatives shall be apportioned among the several states according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each state, excluding Indians not taxed."

The language is crystal clear — the whole number of persons. The total number of people.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump decided in an extreme moment of arrogance and disregard for the Constitution that what that really meant was the total number of legal residents. Undocumented immigrants would not count (details here), notwithstanding the word "immigrant" doesn't even exist in the Constitution and his narrow interpretation has no legal basis.

There's an important reason he's trying to pull this off. Undocumented residents tend to live in blue states. Smaller percentages of them live in red states. These numbers are determined by the census conducted every ten years. These numbers also determine how many congressional representatives a state gets.

This is Trump's backdoor attempt to do what a Supreme Court specifically prevented him from doing when he wanted to count legal and undocumented residents in the census. The high court told him he could not do so.

More over, he would take actual counts from the census and then subtract estimates of undocumented residents, which completely subverts the census and attempts to by approximation what the Supreme Court told him specifically he could not do.

The effect of all this would not happen until Trump is out of office if he is not reelected. And even if he is (God forbid), this would affect congressional apportionment until 2032.

It is, in short, an attempt by the already minority Republican Party to gain more political power than its actual base.

Almost certainly Trump will be sued over this and the strategy probably blocked. It likely will drag all the way to the Supreme Court unless Trump is defeated and the new administration coming in January 2021 abandons the strategy, which is almost certain.

In sum, it's yet another reason to defeat Trump in November — to prevent Republicans from grabbing more power, given their base and popular support is actually ever dwindling. They already are over-represented in Congress, based on their total number of votes. That disparity must not be allowed to grow any larger.

Heatwave Humpers

Much of the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing an unseasonably hot July. Hopefully wherever you were, you and your honey(s) are keeping cool.

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