29 July 2020

Hollow Man

In May, I wrote a piece about how, unique among all modern Presidents, Donald Trump does not try to console a suffering nation in this time of great crisis and grief (link here). Back then, the coronavirus death toll was closing in on 100,000 whereas today it has passed 150,000.

And still nothing from Trump. No empathy, no sympathy, nothing. Just more self-pity, shameless self-promotion, bragging, lying, and all the usual behaviors.

Yesterday, the New York Times ran an excellent piece (link here) about how Trump's lack of empathy is something that he views as a strength. The piece begins with recalling about how, when speaking at his father's funeral, rather than eulogize the man, he talked about himself.

This is hurting him politically and at the polls, as well it should. If you cannot feel empathy, you cannot lead. You cannot choose what is best for your fellow American. If you only think about yourself, you will make decisions with only yourself in mind.

That may be fine for running a real estate company. But it's a terrible trait in a national leader. It's the stuff of dictators, not America. And it must end on November third.

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