25 July 2020


The right-wing's enmity against masks to stop the spread of Covid-19 is one of the most bizarrely stupid ideas amongst Donald Trump's supporters. Because Trump has only very rarely worn a mask and only very recently, somehow it became "weak" and "liberal" to wear one.

Some of this thinking can be chalked up to typical Trumpian selfishness. If I wear a mask, I'm protecting other people. It is a selfless act. It's accepting a minor inconvenience for the benefit of others without any benefit to myself. That's something narcissists cannot understand.

So when an anti-mask Trump-loving conservative is stricken with the coronavirus, it's difficult not to gloat with schadenfreude. Take, for instance, the Republican politician from Arkansas who called masks "draconian" and who has now contracted Covid-19 (details here).

He likely caught that from a selfish bastard like himself who refuses to wear a mask. The fact that he's anti-LGBT and rants against Sesame Street and its "radical LGBT agenda" adds an extra helping of schadenfreude.

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