21 July 2020


Donald Trump appeared on Fox News on Sunday for a lengthy interview with Chris Wallace. Given that Fox normally is so pro-Trump, he probably thought it would be a puffy cakewalk.

Was he ever wrong.

As Aaron Blake at the Washington Post wrote (link here), "Fox News’s Chris Wallace just exposed Trump as very few have." The President lied repeatedly, no surprise. But, big surprise, Wallace politely called him on his lies. Repeatedly.

The interview was a disaster for Trump. His presidency and his reelection campaign were circling the drain. This made things worse.

As the US infection rate from Covid-19 closes in on four million and with the death toll nearing 150,000 Americans, Trump once again insisted during the Fox interview that the disease would just vanish into thin air. Poof.

That certainly happened with the Black Death. After it killed about half of Europe's population.

Blake writes: "When Trump claimed the United States had one of the lowest mortality rates in the world — or even the lowest — Wallace made him prove it. Trump couldn’t, because it isn’t true." Ouch.

The most surreal part of the interview was when Trump bragged about "acing" a "very hard" cognitive test and insisted the end portion was quite difficult. "But I’ll bet you couldn’t even answer the last five questions. I’ll bet you couldn’t. They get very hard, the last five questions."

For the record, the short test isn't difficult. It isn't meant to measure intelligence but whether one has an impairment condition like dementia. If you don't have memory impairment, it should be fairly easy.

The last question for this "very hard" test, for instance, one of the dreaded last five questions, asks you to name today's date and where you are. Seriously. (The complete one-page test is here.)

Hurry up, November third. Hurry, hurry.

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