09 July 2020


Yesterday, the defense and intelligence journal Just Security broke the extraordinary and disturbing story (link here) that Donald Trump ordered the CIA to share secret intel with Russia's spy agency "despite no discernible reward." In simple terms, the US gave an adversarial country our secrets without anything in exchange.

This happened about the same time America's intel agencies learned Russia was paying bounties to terrorists who killed US soldiers in Afghanistan. With Trump bending over backwards to help Russia's spy agency, it's no wonder they knew they could get away with paying for American soldiers to die.

Per the Just Security reporting, Trump didn’t just refuse to confront Putin about the terrorist bounties, he "undercut" American officials and took Russia's side. Then, "he embraced Putin, overtly and repeatedly, including at the historic summit in Helsinki."

So Russia was kicking America in the teeth and killing our soldiers. And Trump was repeatedly thanking them by giving away free intel and inviting Russia to join the exclusive G-7.

Claims that Trump is some kind of Manchurian candidate controlled by Moscow have always seemed far fetched. Yet when he does things like this, it's hard to keep disbelieving such claims.

He needs to be removed on November. We need a President who puts America first, not Russia first.

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