05 July 2020

A Cautionary Tale

Donald Trump is way behind in the polls — by almost ten points in the aggregate. That's very good news for his opponent.


The reality is that presidential races can turn on a dime. To that end, Politico published an excellent piece yesterday (link here) that is a cautionary tale about how Trump could still pull off an election victory by the skin of his teeth.

George H. W. Bush was further behind in July 1988 than Trump is now. Yet Bush managed to pull off a win. And we all remember the summer of 2016, when Trump was way behind in July. And then look what happened.

If you haven't already made plans to volunteer in some capacity for this election, please do so this week. You need to make sure everyone you know who will vote against Trump actually votes on November 3, which is election day.

Trump scraped by to a win in 2016 because many people assumed he'd lose and voter turnout was down. Do not let that happen again this year. Vote no matter what, even if Trump is twenty or thirty points behind, and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

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