31 October 2009

Don't Mess With Texas

This is Armon, who turns 26 on Monday. He's 5'10" and weighs 240 pounds. A personal trainer, competitive bodybuilder, and sometimes fitness model from Dallas, where he was born and raised, he lists his ethnicity on his social networking page as "Middle Eastern." My boyfriend has met him several times at bodybuilding events and says he's a very charming bloke.

30 October 2009

Ein Stattlicher Mann

Christian is 33 years old and from Germany. He's a personal trainer and fitness model who sometimes also gets the itch to take everything off in front of a camera. Let's hope that's an itch he needs to scratch regularly.

29 October 2009

A Show-er and a Grow-er

He has posed nude under the name of Hagan and also Taj.

(I know exactly what you're thinking, oh yes I do indeed.)

28 October 2009

Jack-off and Bake-off

This is Dave, who did some nude shoots and solo JO porn under the name of Nate. He's now gaining prominence as a chef in the Pacific Northwest and, at a commanding 6'3", also does fitness modeling. I wonder what he would charge to cater a supper party in the nude?

27 October 2009

Cornfed Innocence

If you saw him in an airport terminal waiting for a plane whilst fiddling with his Ipod, you'd probably think "virgin" and "Bible student."

As these amateur photos with his girlfriend in a hotel bubble-bath attest, however, this amply endowed cornfed lad isn't entirely innocent. As well, he looks like he's built up a bit more definition since the beach shot.

You can download a folder here with about seventy pictures featuring the two of them -- some are innocent school activity shots whilst others are quite spicy, with him tonguing her cheerleader's coochie and her sucking his cock. Be forewarned there are more photos of her than him and she is naked in many of them.

All this serves as a good segue to a little poll I've posted on the right. I do have some interesting amateur nude male photographs -- for example, four German army privates on leave gangbanging a single female hooker -- but I want to know how that would sit with readers here first. Do please register your opinion in the poll.

26 October 2009

Slutty Exec

This is Franco, whom I cribbed from the excellent blog Male Power because I thought he was so bloody hot. Perchance he'll stop by your office today to put something in your in box.

25 October 2009

The Uncut Romantic

This bloke is very hot. The video seems cut together in the wrong order, with the beginning actually coming somewhere near the middle time-wise, but it doesn't really matter.

I love his answer to the question about how masturbation is not worth the effort. "Nah, I just fuck my girlfriend at night." I have a feeling his tossed-off indifference might strike her as less than entirely romantic.

I wonder if he ended up doing any "gay for pay" stuff. He seems like the sort who could be talked rather easily into trying something different.

24 October 2009

The Thinker

I found him on Flickr, so I know nothing more about him. He seems like he might be the quiet, serious type, often deep in thought, a modest bloke who may not realize that he regularly sets heart aflutter all around him.

23 October 2009


Damon is a 27-year-old model from Orange County, California. I believe he's only ever done solo JO porn in addition to mainstream fitness modeling. After poking around in the cobwebbed Latin files in the distant corner of my memory, I determined his tattoo means "they rule"; however, I have been known to be ridiculously wrong about these sorts of thing before.

22 October 2009


I found him on Flickr and know nothing more. Did he post this on some hookup site looking for action when he had some R and R time? I'd love to know if this gentleman packing the thick meat is a show-er or a grow-er. Either way, he's quite the man.

I have no military experience, but the uniformed shot looks real to my untrained eyes. I don't think this is from one of those sites where rentboys are passed off as servicemen on leave. The mediocre aesthetics in both images pretty convincingly spells "amateur" with no photo skills.

21 October 2009

Josef a.k.a. Miro a.k.a. Eric

Someone in need of a dissertation topic should study why pornstuds change their names constantly. Whom are they trying to fool? Here is Josef Cernan, also known as Miro Lauko, also known as Eric Flower.

He's originally from the Slovak Republic and stands over six foot tall, according to one fan website. He's been doing porn since 2001, so that probably puts him in his late twenties.

Most William Higgins models are too willowy and boyish for my taste, but Josef -- or whatever his name is -- certainly stands out as an exception. He does have one fine bumper on him.

20 October 2009

Furry Rick Koch

Rick Koch was a model who did a few shoots in the 1995 to 2000 range. I think he only did solo sets and videos. Based on some information I found online, he was 5'9" and 170 pounds. He danced with a male revue called "First Class Male" and then moved to Chippendales.

Some might want to take a razor to him, but I think his furry body is magnificent. I'm a rather hirsute lad, and I would never shave anything save my face.