05 October 2009

Dorm Room Horndogs

I had two hot roommates when I was in my mid-twenties. I was already in the workday world, but they both were in graduate school, so they still had something of "the boy" in them. Both knew I was gay and couldn't care less.

I nonetheless lusted after them but never let them know because I thought that would spoil things. One was a big blond Midwest farmboy with massive shoulders and an outgoing personality, whilst the other was a quiet, studious cityboy with dark curly hair, an olive complexion, and ice-blue eyes. Both were well muscled scholarly jocks, so needless to say they provided considerable fantasy material.

Farmboy would wander around in the morning half asleep and half hard with his thick uncut cock straining against his worn boxer shorts. Cityboy preferred sweatpants with nothing on underneath, which did not fully disguise what he was packing. My bedroom backed up on cityboy's bedroom, so I would occasionally have the pleasure of hearing him and his girlfriend together. I'm still good friends with both of them, and I'm glad to report both have stayed in excellent shape.

Neither of them, sadly, ever got quite this uninhibited. At least in my presence, that is.


  1. Sigh...God bless nekkid mens

  2. I'll confess, I lived with all of them. Yeah, it's me takin these hot pix.


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