25 October 2009

The Uncut Romantic

This bloke is very hot. The video seems cut together in the wrong order, with the beginning actually coming somewhere near the middle time-wise, but it doesn't really matter.

I love his answer to the question about how masturbation is not worth the effort. "Nah, I just fuck my girlfriend at night." I have a feeling his tossed-off indifference might strike her as less than entirely romantic.

I wonder if he ended up doing any "gay for pay" stuff. He seems like the sort who could be talked rather easily into trying something different.


  1. Sean Cody's format for first videos with guys is for them to jack off once, then the interview part followed with another jack off. He will probably be back to work with another guy. Most of them do!

  2. Hey, if he ever does more I wanna know as he is my idea of physical perfection.

  3. Anonymous13:41

    I want to know who the hell he is.

  4. Anonymous17:20

    This is my favorite video on this site.


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