01 October 2009

Laying Pipe with Paul

This is Paul, a plumber from South Carolina who does some modeling on the side under the name of Trent. I featured him in a scorching hot shot about a month ago. He is 6'4" and 225 pounds. The last shot, my favorite, is a large, high quality image; be sure to click to see the full-sized version. The other images have larger click-through shots, too, as do most photos on this blog.


  1. completely awesome post. I can definitely think of where he can lay some pipe.

  2. Anonymous22:12

    he is actively modeling now as paul powerhouse...

  3. "Paul Powerhouse"??!! Ye gods, that's like a dinky-toy porn name!

    Really doesn't suit someone you'd be happy to get stubble-rash from. All over.

  4. I want him roped !

  5. Anonymous15:16

    we want more paul pics,


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