07 October 2009

Pushing the Envelope

Pornstar twins Milo and Elijah Peters get it on with Dolph Lambert. One brother blows the other and ends up eating his twin's cum.

Yes, that's pushing the envelope. It's technically incest, but it's not like one will get the other pregnant. The incest taboo grew out of a primitive fear about sexual relations within the family which could lead to birth defects. Does it really matter when siblings of the same sex are involved?

I know if I had a gay twin, who would probably think the same way I do, I'm sure we would have explored this territory. It must turn other blokes on too, because otherwise this stuff wouldn't be sold. The market is only meeting consumer demand. If you film it, they will cum.

The film is by BelAmi, and I found these stills on Men of Porn.


  1. Anonymous09:12

    check out the Sept. 28 post on sizingupblog

  2. Anonymous13:19

    I bet their parents are so proud of them!!!

  3. Not sure why but I find it hot that one brother will feed his load to his twin. Hell, incest is best. Keeps it in the family.

  4. Anonymous19:22

    I think it's very hot. I want to see the movie.

  5. I have always thought twincest was hot, especially if they look like these guys. If you get a chance, check out Double Czech 2009 - the twin brothers fuck each other. Also, look up the Bartok Twins - one of them fucks the other one bareback in a movie. God, I'm such a perv ;-)

  6. anybody feeding anybody their warm cum is righteous


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