17 October 2009

Stud Is an Understatement

This is Randy, a 54-year-old married engineer from the Midwest who does a little modeling, too. He's another "pocket stud," measuring in at 5'2". I think he's absolutely magnificent.


  1. Anonymous09:26

    Holy shit.. that 1st picture scared me. Wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley!

  2. Anonymous09:56

    This guy is massive and with outstanding legs too. Somehow, I don't know exactly, but all the perspectives make him appear to be very short. Still - I wouldn't mind climbing all over him. - Montana Cowboy

  3. Picture number 5 is awsome

  4. Anonymous08:59

    I about shot a load when I saw this hot, masculine daddy! I'm really into short guys this MAN is hot. Love that mug of his - very masculine.


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