29 October 2009

A Show-er and a Grow-er

He has posed nude under the name of Hagan and also Taj.

(I know exactly what you're thinking, oh yes I do indeed.)


  1. That's impressive!

  2. You will not be able to escape
    You know that you are not going to hide
    You will not leave everything to lose

  3. I almost hate to admit what a slut I am, but this guy really does it for me. And I'm sure others as well.

  4. he IS a grower. :P

  5. Clyde i love to be a slut

  6. Anonymous12:28

    What makes him even more hot is the transition from boyish grin in the first shot to the bedroom eyes of a total stud once he brings his meat out. Imagine the lucky date who gets to experience that metamorphisis up close after agreeing to "just one more drink at my place."

    Someone's going home happy in the morning . . .


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