30 October 2009

Ein Stattlicher Mann

Christian is 33 years old and from Germany. He's a personal trainer and fitness model who sometimes also gets the itch to take everything off in front of a camera. Let's hope that's an itch he needs to scratch regularly.


  1. He looks like fun!

  2. Anonymous12:56

    Handsome, great body and nice cock and balls, he is the one guy for me

  3. Anonymous19:29

    I'd eat grapes out of that man's ass three times a day

  4. Anonymous07:37

    i can assure you he´s not fun at all: goes to bed by ten pm, doesn´t eat anything with the slightest trace of sugar or fat, no alcohol and no nicotine, of course and he´s straight or at least that´s what some girls here in Trier, Germany have said where Christian owns a fitness store.


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