27 October 2009

Cornfed Innocence

If you saw him in an airport terminal waiting for a plane whilst fiddling with his Ipod, you'd probably think "virgin" and "Bible student."

As these amateur photos with his girlfriend in a hotel bubble-bath attest, however, this amply endowed cornfed lad isn't entirely innocent. As well, he looks like he's built up a bit more definition since the beach shot.

You can download a folder here with about seventy pictures featuring the two of them -- some are innocent school activity shots whilst others are quite spicy, with him tonguing her cheerleader's coochie and her sucking his cock. Be forewarned there are more photos of her than him and she is naked in many of them.

All this serves as a good segue to a little poll I've posted on the right. I do have some interesting amateur nude male photographs -- for example, four German army privates on leave gangbanging a single female hooker -- but I want to know how that would sit with readers here first. Do please register your opinion in the poll.

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