04 October 2009

Real NY Fireman Shows His Big Hose

I mentioned the New York fireman the other day who made a naked video; I neglected to include his name. He's Michael Biserta. Here's an excerpt of the flick where he showers and plays with his commendable cock. Be forewarned -- there are giggly females in this footage, but no female nudity or sex.

Most any video you'll encounter on the Internet (with the exception of RocketTube ones) can be saved to your hard drive and replayed at your leisure. If you have the free RealPlayer software installed on your computer, simply right click the video whilst it's playing and select "Download This Video to RealPlayer." If you don't already have RealPlayer, you can download a free copy here. Installation is a snap.


  1. I never figured out how the chicks make it through the video without playing with his cock and then blowing him. Women just don't get Cock.

  2. i agree. women have a way of making a very hot situation completely asexual.

  3. Just listening to their vapid conversation almost was unbearable. Thank God he stayed so very watchable.

  4. Anonymous20:23

    Big cock is great. Big cock that can actually get hard is better.

  5. Anonymous07:15

    I seriously hope this young, hung stud had the chance to stuff that massive dick inside those 5 girls pussies. After that cock their pussies will never be the same.


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