31 August 2018

A Pathetic Lie

Early in his presidency, when questioned by NBC's Lester Holt about why he fired FBI Director James Comey, Donald Trump effectively admitted to obstruction of justice. Comey was fired, Trump admitted, not because of the rationale in his severance letter, that it was because of "this Russia thing."

At the time of is termination, Comey was leading the FBI investigation into Trump's campaign and possible collusion with Russia.

In a Twitter post yesterday, Trump now claimed that "Lester Holt got caught fudging my tape on Russia," meaning he's saying that he never admitted to obstruction of justice and that Holt doctored the interview tape (details here).

This is such a ridiculous lie it's pathetic. One simply need look at the tape and watch Trump's mouth moving when he says that. As well, an electronic forensic analysis can easily prove the tape was not altered.

The fact that Trump brought up the Holt interview more than a year later suggests he knows it's highly damaging because he admits to a crime. This suggests he's been talking to his lawyers about the topic and something might be in the wind. Stay tuned.

Big Trevor

The big, muscular lad seen in all these shots goes by Trevor in porn world and perhaps in the real world, too. He broke into the business in 2010 and has made several short-lived retirements.

When he returned most recently, he was a lot hotter because he'd built out his body. He's 26 and stands 5'10. He has an active Twitter feed (link here) where he posts nude selfies and hardcore action shots.

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30 August 2018

Graceless Vulgarity

The political magazine Role Call published an excellent opinion piece yesterday (link here) with the title "A Post-McCain Mystery: Why Does the GOP Put Up With Trump’s Graceless Vulgarity?" The writer is referring to the contemptuous way that Donald Trump has treated John McCain since his death over the weekend.

Hideous discourtesy about McCain has persisted in Trump World since the 2016 campaign when Trump denigrated McCain's extreme sacrifice in enduring years of torture as a prisoner of war. That's because McCain tactfully criticized some of Trump's political positions, and Trump thereby responded with thugish behavior.

That was quickly picked up by Trump's followers who have said and written the most disgraceful things about the Arizona Republican ever since. His death this weekend has been openly celebrated and quite visibly in Trump circles since then.

Trump has gone out of his way to be offensive to McCain's memory and his family. And most in the Republican Party leadership have looked the other way.

This may be politically convenient for them in the short term, but I think they will pay the price for this in the longer term. The rot within the Trumpian wing of the GOP will begin to fester and rot. And that will become a curse for all who facilitated it.

Nixon was a political millstone for his strongest supporters after he resigned. I expect will see the same when the Trump presidency ends, however soon or long that may be.


I usually don't feature porn from the Helix website because almost all of their models are twinks. But the top here, who goes by Luke in porn and perhaps in real life, is an exception. He's still a bit boyish but is mostly a man.

Luke stands 6'2, weighs in at 170, and is 22 years old. Starting in about a decade, as long as he keeps in shape, he'll be scorching hot as an older man. He has an active Twitter page where he posts personal photos, some of which are hardcore (link here).

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29 August 2018

Unholy Roller

NBC News broke the story yesterday afternoon (link here) with the title "In closed-door meeting, Trump told Christian leaders he got rid of a law. He didn't."

The law in question is a prohibition against churches and charitable organizations from endorsing political candidates. That law was never repealed and is still valid and enforceable.

The event in question was Monday night. The conservative Christian clergy in attendence enthusiastically clapped Trump's brazen lie.

Now if they had paid attention in high school civics, they would have known that a President has no power to unilaterally repeal a law, like Trump claims he did. Perhaps some already knew this but chose to stand idly by while Trump disseminated his lies.

Also, Trump warned those in attendance that if Republicans lost control of the House and/or Senate in November of this year, per NBC, Democrats would "overturn everything that we've done and they'll do it quickly and violently, and violently. There's violence. When you look at Antifa and you look at some of these groups — these are violent people."

NBC also noted the following exchange: "At stake in the November midterms, Trump told the audience, are all the gains he has made for conservative Christians."

It's also worth mentioning at this point that most of these alleged Christians are stridently and hatefully anti-LGBT.

In a similar vein, the New York Times reported yesterday (link here) that Trump "urged religious leaders to use what he described as their newfound freedom of speech to campaign from the pulpit on behalf of Republican candidates." This, of course, is actually illegal, given Trump never unilaterally repealed the law in question.

Trump also commented about how one of the pastors in attendance, who happens to be a notorious anti-Semite, that "he’s the greatest leader for Christianity."

Trump then had various pastors come to the podium and speak about how wonderful he is. This is a tried-and-true Trump technique that he's also done with other visitors and even with his cabinet -- he praises himself, then has people step up and praise him publicly, too.

One might comment in closing how none of these alleged religious leaders, with all their divinity studies, have completely forgotten about the concept of a false prophet. Had they done so, they would recognize how they're bowing down to Trump, who fits all the qualifications of a false prophet.

Muscle Frenzy

Four hot lads are consumed by lust and boisterously suck and fuck with a frenzy. The four performers are identified by name in the beginning of the clip.

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28 August 2018


Yesterday, the New York Times published a detailed but troubling article (link here) about how Donald Trump is targeting a dedicated, hard-working, and highly productive Justice Department official named Bruce Ohr who has prosecuted scores of Russian mobsters.

Trump has a personal vendetta against the little-known Ohr because the latter has worked closely with Christopher Steele, the former British spy who helped hunt down Russian mobsters. Trump has a personal vendetta against Steele because he has exposed a number of Trump's alleged crimes and shady connections to Russian mobsters.

Is anyone else seeing a pattern here? Trump has many ties to Russian mobsters. Ohr prosecutes Russian mobsters. You do the math.

At a minimum, Trump is putting personal politics before the country's interest in prosecuting mobsters. More likely, Trump doesn't like how Ohr has been going after some of the President's unsavory Russian associates.

You'd think Republicans on Capitol Hill would be outraged a President is doing this. But, no, they're outraged at Ohr for exposing Trump.

Down is up, wet is dry, and black is white in this great nation today, thanks to Trump. He wants to silence a government official for working too hard to prosecute mobsters.

November's midterms cannot get here any faster. Be sure to volunteer and vote. It's the most important thing you'll do all year.

Slutty Ginger Bottom

The top in this set usually bottoms, but the bottom always bottoms, so the pairing here was a no-brainer. I wonder if mister slutty bottom ever tops in his private life?

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27 August 2018


With all the news last week about Donald Trump, the indictment of GOP Congressman Duncan Hunter didn't receive the attention it should have (details here and here).

Ironically, Hunter was the second member of Congress to endorse Trump back in 2016. A New York congressman was the first, and he was also recently indicted but on entirely different charges. Is anyone seeing a pattern here?

Hunter is making noises about how the "deep state" set him up, it's a witch hunt, and the usual Trumpian nonsense. The reality is that the evidence is overwhelming. Hunter's days are numbered. Expect a news items in a few weeks or months that he's pleaded guilty.

Until he went underground following his indictment, Hunter was one of Trump's biggest chearleaders on Capitol Hill. In hindsight, we see yet another apparent criminal siding with the President.

Trump has become a litmus test -- if you're close to him, you're probably corrupt to one degree or another. In a word, he's toxic.


This lad reminds me of the ones I encountered during the period we lived in the American Midwest. They were desperate for any kind of sexual contact and would reciprocate as long as you kept coming back and offering the same in exchange. The back of this bloke's neck is bright red, suggesting he's a laborer. He reportedly was recruited to do porn in a big box store.

The originals for these photos are much larger than they appear below and total more than a hundred in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, click here

26 August 2018

Dangerous Days

I often don't agree with Andrew Sullivan, but his work is almost always an interesting, thoughtful read. His latest piece for New York magazine (link here) is titled "Here’s Where Things Get Dangerous With Trump."

A short excerpt:

"There was a sense among some this week that we had at last reached that golden 'inflection point' when all of Trump’s lies, scams, cons, and crimes finally sink in with Republicans, and the cult begins to crack."

"I tend to think something else is happening: that we are entering the most dangerous phase of Donald Trump’s presidency. We always knew this would happen — that the rule of law and Trump would at some point be unable to coexist — but we had no idea how it would specifically play out. Now we see the lay of the land a little more clearly."

"What we’re about to find out is if Trump can pull off all his usual tricks, and face no serious political or legal consequences for this. I'd say that question remains nerve-rackingly open."

I don't know if I agree with this last point. The midterms are in a little more than two months. Republicans stand a good chance of keeping the Senate, but Democrats stand a better chance of taking the House. If that happens, the gameboard is completely upended.

Because of extreme gerrymandering and dark money, sitting Republicans in Congress are hiding behind Trump for now. If their party suffers major losses in this year's midterms, then at least some will begin to peel away from Trump.

Trump's base is shrinking and weaker. This past week did serious damage and cost Trump significant capital. That can't continue indefinitely.


This is a scorching hot scene with a top who has a big thick cock and a bottom who just doesn't quit. The two seem like they haven't had sex in months they're so intense. I love it!

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25 August 2018

Hell Week

Axios published a short piece yesterday (link here) that does a great job summarizing how the past few days have concluded "Hell Week" for Donald Trump, the worst week of his presidency so far.

Some highlights:

Late in the week, Trump organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg was granted immunity to testify about hush money payments and possibly more. Weisselberg has worked for Trump for decades and knows arguably the most about where the money comes and goes.

National Enquirer publisher David Pecker was also granted immunity to talk about hush money paid to buy and bury any stories unflattering to Trump.

The article notes: "For the first time, I’m hearing real fear and concern in the voices of Trump allies. The warning lights of growing legal jeopardy are flashing red. [Trump's] former lawyer and campaign manager are going to jail, the lawyer has implicated him in a federal crime... All of this goes way beyond the Robert Mueller investigation. This is now in the hands of federal prosecutors, and they can keep going regardless of what happens with the Russia probe — including, possibly, digging into Trump's business affairs."

The wildfire consuming the Trump presidency has spread past Robert Mueller's team, meaning even if the President managed to get that shut down somehow, other federal prosecutors would continue their work digging into Trump's affairs.

The Axios piece concludes: "The bottom line: Trump's legal peril is getting worse, not better." Indeed. Stay tuned.

Afternoon Delight

This is a great pairing: Arpad Miklos topping Nick Capra. Both are clearly into each other and doing this scene for the sex, not the money. What a life.

To view the video directly on the source webpage, or to download your own free copy, you need to click here.

24 August 2018

Witness Tampering

Again, yesterday was a news-filled day on many fronts for Donald Trump and none of them were good. Like yesterday, I'm singling out just one piece I recommend to make sure you don't miss it.

Lawfare published an excellent piece written by several lawyers (link here) about how Trump has been flirting with witness tampering. His campaign manager has already been charged with the crime, and if he's not careful, Trump could be next.

I'm continually amazed how he won't stop tweeting, which only ends up putting him further and further into legal jeopardy.

Cool Cole

This is Cole, who is a hot piece of ass with a ripped body and wicked legs. He could have been military in his past but clearly is not now with those lower arm tatts.

The originals for these photos are huge and total more than two dozen in number. To download the complete set, click here.

23 August 2018

A Monumental Day

I was traveling on an overseas trip most of Wednesday so my internet access has been limited on arguably one of the worst days of Donald Trump's life so far. The aftershocks of the Michael Cohen guilty plea have rocked Washington for the past twenty-four hours.

There are literally thousands of excellent articles online right now about this, so I'll post just a single link to a short piece in the New Yorker that provides a great overview of the greatest peril facing Trump as of this minute (link here).

The bottom line is simple: this is a fatal blow to Trump's presidency. It won't end tomorrow but it almost certainly will end no later than January 20, 2021. He will have no second term and may not finish his first. Stay tuned.

A Crying Shame

The All American Guys website features some fantastic male eye candy, but they never, ever show their cocks. Occasional nude butts are seen, but a strategically placed hand or prop always obscures their junk.

I can understand why the models don't mind posing this way, because exposed cocks, even if soft, may cause some people to think it's porn and they worry that will harm their career. But how can the website's producers make any money? Is there really a market for lads who want to drool over other blokes but don't want to see tubesteaks?

The originals appearing below are part of a set with sixteen images, which are archived online here. Alternatively, you can download them all in a free zipped folder here.