31 December 2018

Stepping In It

On Saturday, the New York Daily News broke the story (link here) that Donald Trump's golf club in New Jersey hired undocumented immigrants and that Trump's employees allegedly gave those workers fraudulent green cards and Social Security numbers.

This news comes as Trump's government shutdown enters its second week because the President insists the United States needs more walls on its southern border.

This is not the first time Trump has been caught hiring undocumented workers. His personal housekeeper was recently revealed to be an illegal immigrant and, of course, Trump Tower was built on land cleared by illegal aliens from Poland whom Trump hired.

Here's a solution: if employers like Trump didn't routinely hire illegal immigrants, then people wouldn't be so willing to cross the border. It's time to prosecute criminally employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers and, in particular, when they help compound that illegality by supplying fraudulent documents.

Now some might say Trump couldn't possibly know this was happening. But we have no way of knowing that, particularly given he's had problems like this before.

Nevertheless, management is ultimately responsible for what happens at a company. Management sets the tone and enforces policies. If Trump had adopted a no-tolerance approach to employee documentation -- which anyone with some common sense in political office would have done -- then this would never have happened. The buck stops with him.

Once again, Trump stumbles into the festering cesspool of hypocrisy. But don't expect him to admit any wrongdoing.


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30 December 2018

Deeply Unpopular

A new Harris poll (details here) finds that nearly 60 percent of Americans believe Donald Trump should be impeached or formally censured by Congress for his transgressions.

Breaking that statistic down, 40 percent believe he should be impeached and 20 percent believe he should be censured.

I personally think censuring him would be a waste of time. Trump would laugh it off and then post taunts about it on Twitter. He needs to go down hard and permanently.

Nonetheless, it's heartwarming to see a clear majority of the country has washed their hands of Trump. That puts him in a terrible place heading into the 2020 elections. Good.

Big Brock

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29 December 2018


The U.S. government remains partially closed for the third time this year, notwithstanding that Republicans control the White House and both houses of Congress at this time.

Trump first said he'd be "proud" to shut down the government if he didn't get his way on building his pointless border wall. But then he tried to pass the buck and blame Democrats, notwithstanding they are currently the minority party. So much for his pride.

It's worth noting that, in 2013, private citizen Trump lambasted President Obama for a government shutdown in his second term (details here). Trump said "the president’s the leader and he has to get everyone in a room and lead and he doesn’t do that. He doesn’t like doing that -- that is not his strength. And that’s why you have this horrible situation going on in Washington too. It’s a very, very bad thing and it’s also embarrassing worldwide."

Five years later, Trump could be talking about himself. But then again, we all know Trump is raging hypocrite.

The Daily Beast had an interesting take on the shutdown (link here) where they said Trump falsely believes he's "winning" the stalemate he created.

He apparently thinks he can derail the new Democrat-controlled House and scuttle their legislative agenda by keeping the government closed. And part of that agenda is investigating him.

Which then leads us to the question: Is this the true purpose of the shutdown -- to protect himself legally? If so, it's abhorrent to realize that a President would deliberately throw millions of Americans into hardship just to protect his corrupt administration.

Forest Fuck

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28 December 2018

The Prague Connection

Yesterday, the McClatchy media bureau broke the story (link here) that new cellphone network evidence shows Donald Trump's former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen was in Prague during the time that an alleged meeting took place between Trump's campaign officials and Kremlin operatives.

This is a critical piece of information that now potentially establishes proof of an illegal criminal conspiracy by the Trump campaign to collude with the Russian government's interference with the 2016 presidential election.

The Prague connection was first alleged in the now-infamous Steele Dossier (details here) where a purported secret meeting took place between four officials of Trump's campaign met secretly in Prague with Kremlin operatives in August 2016 in order to make cash payments to hackers who would break into and release campaign emails belonging to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, and other election officials.

This is potentially a smoking gun that would seriously and possibly fatally derail Trump's presidency, much the same way as the Watergate smoking gun ended Richard Nixon's. The million dollar question is now on the table: did the President know about the Prague meeting and when did he know?

Existentialist Orgy

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27 December 2018

Bone Spurs

Although he is of the age to have been drafted during the Vietnam War, Donald Trump famously received five deferments. Four of those were because he was in college, albeit as a student who never did his assignments, showed up for class, or read his required readings.

The fifth and deferment after he graduated from college has always been the most controversial -- Trump received a permanent medical deferment for bone spurs in his heels, notwithstanding he played four sports in school. He passed the military's physical but then obtained a podiatrist's letter stating that he was debilitated by bone spurs. No evidence has ever been found of Trump having difficulty walking or standing as a result of this supposed disability.

Yesterday, the New York Times broke the story (details here) that the podiatrist who signed a letter stating Trump had bone spurs was a tenant of Trump's father who provided the certification as a favor to his landlord. That now-deceased podiatrist's children have reason to believe the alleged bone spurs were nonexistent and that their father had never even examined Trump as a patient.

Plenty of people in the 1960s and early 1970s avoided being drafted -- some by enrolling in school, some by volunteering for alternative programs like the Peace Corps, some by leaving the country to live in Canada or Sweden, and some by flatly refusing to serve and facing the consequences head on.

There is something particularly cowardly, however, in obtaining a fraudulent letter and then lying about a nonexistent condition. We'll probably never know for sure whether Trump did this, but it's certainly in keeping with his character.

Stocking Stuffer

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26 December 2018

The Brat

In the last two weeks, Donald Trump repeatedly has hit low points in his presidency and seems determined to get worse. He refuses to accept responsibility for his actions and is determined to blame anyone and everyone else for his failures.

To add insult to injury, he often acts like a bratty child. Pressure and criticism seem to bring out the worst side of him.

This should be no surprise. Trump has always acted like this, his entire life. When he was just a tabloid figure in New York, he acted like this.

During the 2016 campaign, the Washington Post published an excellent piece (link here) quoting dozens of Trump's childhood acquaintances. The overwhelming consensus was that the Trump we see now is acting just like Trump did during his juvenile years.

Now that he's President, we have a bratty twelve-year-old in the Oval Office. His tendencies were always visible to those of us paying any attention, but Republicans are now realizing they made a very bad choice when they threw their weight behind a petulant adolescent atop their ticket.

This will not end well if it doesn't end soon.

Boxing Day Boning

Happy Boxing Day, a British holiday that is not celebrated in the United States. It is, however, celebrated in other commonwealth nations, including Canada.

As for today's video, I think the moral of the story is to leave your doors unlocked at all times because you don't know who will come wandering in the house, a practice that apparently should be encouraged. I was also confused as to whether the unseen brother is gay or straight -- is his gay brother seducing all his straight friends?

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25 December 2018

Happy Holidays

No one wants to talk about politics today, so I'll forgo the usual entry. Back tomorrow with another daily outrage. Happy holidays to one and all!

Jingle Balls

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24 December 2018

Temper Tantrum

When Trump's Secretary of Defense resigned last week, he stated that he would stay on through the end of February to help ease the transition to his replacement.

But now, angered by the resulting negative press for Donald Trump because of the resignation, the President has demanded his departure by next week (details here and here).

In Trump's warped thinking, Mattis is responsible for the negative media reaction, notwithstanding he holds utterly no position in the media.

Part of Trump's outrage stems from the fact that he didn't actually read Mattis's resignation letter after it was handed to him and didn't realize it was more than just a typical departure notice. Trump is notorious for reading as little as possible so a two-page letter was apparently beyond the pale for him.

The bottom line is that Trump's action is extraordinarily petty. He's putting his own very fragile ego before the needs and safety of the country.

How will Congressional Republicans respond to this spiteful behavior?

Big Buck

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23 December 2018

Promises Broken

The Guardian published an op-ed on Friday (link here) about how Donald Trump promised during the 2016 campaign to bring jobs back to America's heartland.

Two years later, the reality is that not only has Trump not done that, he's made the job loss problem worse.

The piece provides a real-world example about how Trump has done nothing to stop job losses and has, instead, rewarded a company like Siemens that ships American jobs overseas.

Trump could sign an executive order prohibiting companies that contract with the federal government from sending American jobs abroad. But he hasn't done that and, instead, the White House says that job losses are a state and local problem.

It's sad how many people believed what Trump promised during the campaign only to learn now he's a liar. Just a few minutes of searching online during 2016, however, would have shown he has a long history of lying and making promises he has no intention of honoring.

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22 December 2018

Mad Dog

Donald Trump's Secretary of Defense, James "Mad Dog" Mattis abruptly resigned on Thursday night (details here and here) because he could not convince the President to reverse his pro-Russia decision on Syrian troops and because of his pro-Russia/anti-allies stance. Mattis's resignation letter is a stinging rebuke of Trump's policy and behavior.

Mattis was considered the "last adult in the room" now at the White House. His departure will throw the West Wing into even more chaos as it will be staffed primarily by yes-men.

Both Republics and Democrats in Congress called Mattis's departure disastrous for Trump. This week has seen a marked change in GOP attitude toward the President on Capitol Hill, with natural allies now speaking out against Trump openly.

The more the Republican Party pulls away from Trump, the better for the country. It also puts Trump's presidency more in peril if he has far fewer Republican allies who will go to bat for him.

In other words, Trump's chances of being impeached and removed from office arguably increased significantly this past week.

Bloomberg media published an excellent opinion piece yesterday on Mattis's resignation (link here) with the title "Losing Mattis Is a Disaster for Trump" and the deck title "The President doesn’t seem to realize the risks he’s now facing."

I think this one sentence best spells out how bad this resignation is for Trump: "Opening up a huge foreign-policy gap between himself and Republican senators is just an enormous risk."

Yes, this may end up resulting in a President Pence instead of Trump. Pence is loathsome in his own right but he's not unstable. He'd be another reincarnation of George W. Bush, and his policies wouldn't be any more theistic than what we're seeing now from Trump who's constantly pandering to evangelicals.

We now may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the Trump presidency.

Afternoon Delight

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21 December 2018

The Indictment

There are two schools of thought about whether a sitting U.S. President can be indicted: some legal scholars say yes while others say no. Then again, a sitting President can be indicted under seal until he or she leaves office, thus meaning the former head of state would then be prosecuted like an ordinary citizen.

At the Washington Post, their conservative Republican columnist -- who is also a lawyer -- has an interesting idea in her piece yesterday (link here): irrespective of whether the President is indicted, nothing prevents his company from being indicted. Nor any of his children for that matter.

If Robert Mueller or any of the U.S. attorneys currently prosecuting Trump associates were to indict Trump's company, that would send a clear message to the American public that the President may be a criminal, because Trump was the CEO of his company at the time the alleged crimes occurred.

This would be a shock to the system if it happened. How would Republicans react? Some would stand by Trump but others might try to distance themselves.

For his part, Trump would probably have another public meltdown if this happened, particularly if members of his own family -- specifically Donald Trump Jr. and son-in-law Jared Kushner -- were indicted. That might rally his supporters but also turn more of the non-supporting public against him.

There's no Justice Department rule about indicting people before Christmas, but one might imagine that indictments, if they're coming, will be unsealed and served in January. That would be a politically astute thing for Mueller and the various federal prosecutors to do.

Time will tell. Either way, 2019 is bound to be very interesting. Stay tuned.