30 June 2010

Let's Make a Porno

The technical quality is not exceptional here, and the lads are not my ideal type. That notwithstanding, I find their enthusiasm, spontaneity, and utter lack of inhibition to be quite captivating. I wish that when I was their age we had easy access to digital cameras. Oh the fun we could have had.

29 June 2010

Color Coordinated

He's trying two different looks for us. Do you like the white on white or the black on black? I go for the third option: nothing at all. Unfortunately, I didn't find any shots with that choice.

28 June 2010


Uncut Carlo stands a strapping 6'6" and hails from the Dominican Republic. He's done a few solo jackoff shoots for gay audiences, but he primarily does straight porn where he anally ravishes some hapless female. He's done a few "double penetration" shoots with another bloke and a woman, so hopefully he soon can be coaxed into leaving the woman out of the equation.

27 June 2010

Eyes on the Prize

One of my favorite things about going to the gym is seeing a hot straight guy in the locker room when he bends over whilst dressing or undressing and gives an inadvertent glimpse of his virgin bunghole. Of course, none of them are quite so generous in displaying their prize. These hot asses came from the excellent blog MWM.

26 June 2010

Rational Exuberance

Whenever I see three or four hot young males out and about, I always wonder if they've ever dared to walk on the wild side. My mind starts to concoct scenarios like what's going down in this clip. It's been a while, but I can remember how at nineteen or so, I was constantly horny. It's not like I'm not frequently horny now, but at the same time I'm not quite as obsessed with blowing my wadd as I was when younger. Age brings modulation and moderation I imagine.

25 June 2010

Chris Redux

I found another picture of scorching hot Chris, who was a popular entry here before. Thanks to blog reader Brian for bringing him to my attention. I still have not found out his full name. Hopefully soon someone will recognize him.

24 June 2010

School for Spies

I saw this bloke, allegedly named Trent, featured online recently. He's exactly the sort of heartbreaker I would have favored in my college days, the friendly hot straight jock roommate who was utterly clueless that he was killing you.

I flew from New York to Los Angeles the other day and started to think about writing another erotic story while staring out the window. Before I knew it, I had the laptop open and was scribbling away. The resulting story, titled "School for Spies," is still a work in progress and ended up too long for an entry on the blog, so I put it on a separate page. You can find it here. I'm seriously thinking of turning this into an erotic novel.

I saw the lad below as "Trent" when I was writing the story. Steve was easy to cast. Jack will be featured in a future post in the next few days. If you're a clever operative, you'll find a backdoor in the story to a hot downloadable video that might nicely supplement your reading.

23 June 2010

Big Black Boots

This video is like a Tom of Finland illustration come to life.

22 June 2010

Vintage Kevin

Gay porn in the 1970s and 1980s was filled with hot young men who made a few appearances and then were never seen again in print or on film. Kevin is just one example. He was featured a few times in classier smut mags in the late 1970s and then disappeared into the vapors of time. I guess he just needed a few bucks or perhaps "went legit" and ended up in some minor television roles. He'd probably be into his fifties now. I hope he's still hot.

21 June 2010

The Prisoner

Several years ago I went to a courthouse in Los Angeles to testify as a witness in a civil trial. I parked on the street and, on my way into the building, passed the entrance where prisoners were brought in for trial. I stopped like I was making a call on my cell so I could discretely check out a particularly hot deputy near the entrance.

A plain, heavy van happened to pull up and several deputies began unloading a single prisoner. I never found out who he was, but given his solo treatment and the number of deputies with him, he must have be charged with something serious. The suspect was wearing a baggy prison jumpsuit, but that couldn't hide his ripped physique nor his handsome, intelligent face. I also distinctly remember he wore glasses and had the well groomed face of an educated, privileged man.

I was fascinated watching the interaction between the muscle-bound defendant constrained by handcuffs and shackles and the surprisingly tender (and nicely muscular) deputies who gently extracted him from the van, up the ramp, and to the door. Some of them spoke softly to him in what seemed to be kind words, and the prisoner shared a laugh with the deputies about something that was said. The progression was quite slow due to his shackles.

When he was at the top of the ramp, the suspect turned to look out toward the street, perhaps savoring a rare glimpse of the outside world. For a few seconds we made eye contact and then he nodded slightly and smiled at me while he was led through the door. I never found out anything more about him. He could've seduced and murdered gay men for all I knew.

I saw this picture below and thought again of that snapshot moment from my past. The contrast between strength and helplessness is very erotic to me. A strong man who is willing to surrender in the bedroom out of trust (and lust) is a rare and valued lover.

I've always thought an interesting movie could be made with a Mrs. Soffel-like story about a hot, rugged prisoner and a sexually confused (but nonetheless hot and masculine) guard who falls in love with him. The guard eventually frees the prisoner he loves, and the jeopardy would revolve around whether he was just being used as a pawn. I think if it was set in an earlier decade, the story could be more poignant. (It would also make a jailbreak easier.)

20 June 2010

The Legend Returns

I've featured Matt Davis a.k.a. Von Legend four times here before (click here for all the posts). These are fairly new shots of him with a beard and the natural chest fur, which I think is extra hot.

I've now had a chance to hear him speak. He has a soft, deep Southern drawl. He's obviously a very intelligent, articulate man, which makes him all the hotter. He says his cock is nine inches long by six inches around. Considering he's 6'5", that makes him very well proportioned. Whomever gets to love this man in the bedroom is very lucky indeed.

Be sure to click on each image for a much larger version.

19 June 2010

The Sergeant Alone

This is the bloke I mentally cast when I wrote "The Reprimand" the other day. He is scalding hot in my book.

18 June 2010


This is Sean, a 29-year-old model from New York who's done work for Bennetton, Men’s Health, Nike, and more. He's 6'2" and 180 pounds. Although he's not shirtless in the first shot, I think that's my favorite picture. I like the way his worn teeshirt stretches taut across his fantastic pecs.

17 June 2010

Safari in the Sun

I'm feeling a need to take my boyfriend down to Black's Beach, even though we just got back from a vacation where, unfortunately, we did not find any nude beaches. We swam naked by ourselves a few times after dark.

I don't know what was inside this circa 1967 vintage magazine. I found the cover on a Tumblr page. I wonder if the images were innocent with naked lads playing volleyball. Or was their all-male nudist outing a libido-crazed fuck-fest with everything showing, one of those vintage porn rags masquerading as nudist fare? A vintage magazine seller has one available online for $145. Given the age of the magazine, I suspect the pages featured only cheesecake stuff and not hardcore fun.

I first saw a nudist magazine when I was about ten, something I found in my grandfather's house. It was of the tame variety with picnics and miniature golf, but both men and women were naked with everything showing. The magazine was probably fifteen or twenty years old when I saw it about 1977 or so. I used to feel a little guilty looking at the men much more than the women. I'm glad I now live a life without guilt.

15 June 2010

Sexy Beast

An hour ago, he was released from prison, where he spent his entire year-long sentence in solitary confinement. He's hornier than hell, and he's not taking "no" for an answer.

Got lube?

14 June 2010

The Reprimand

Private Chet Watson stood at attention before Sergeant McGinty's desk. Having been summoned from the gym and wearing only sweat-drenched shorts and a tanktop, he felt vulnerable and exposed standing before his superior officer like this.

He pretended not to notice his sergeant slowly thumbing through a glossy porn magazine, the cover featuring a strapping, muscular man stuffing his thick, engorged penis into a smaller, younger man's mouth. He knew where the magazine had been found: under his own bunk mattress. Imagining what this was leading to, he felt anger and fear flushing his face.

He couldn't help but notice when his commanding officer turned the magazine slowly on its side and tipped his head, as if dumbfounded by a particular picture, the quintessential straight man perplexed by gay sex. Chet tried to push away thoughts about what he might have discovered. Perhaps it was his favorite photo, the one with the older man riding the younger man's surprisingly large cock, his face clamped in an ecstatic grimace. How many loads had Chet given up over that one picture alone as he fantasized it was Sergeant McGinty squatting over his own erect cock?

"What is this, private?"

"Sir, it appears to be a magazine, sir."

"What kind of magazine, private?"

"Sir, I believe pornography, sir."

"Don't you know that porn is prohibited in the barracks?"

"Sir, yes sir."

The sergeant rose lazily from his chair and sauntered over to stand beside Chet as if they were the best of buddies discussing a sports magazine. He casually rested his forearm on the smaller man's shoulder while holding open the magazine before the two of them. He flipped back a few pages to reveal a two-page spread featuring the smaller man driving his tongue deep into his muscular lover's asshole.

"What is this, private?"

"Sir, that is a picture, sir."

The sergeant leaned more into his subordinate while speaking even louder. "What is happening in the picture, private? What is the man doing to his friend's rectum?" Chet could feel his commander's warm, mint-scented breath on his neck now.

"Sir, I believe that is called rimming, sir."

"I see. Is this a fag magazine, private?"

"Sir, it appears to be, sir."

"And aren't fags prohibited from serving in our military?"

"Sir, I believe the policy is 'don't ask, don't tell,' sir." Chet felt a fury rising in him now. Sure, being caught with porn meant a reprimand, perhaps restriction to base for a few weeks, but he couldn't be discharged because of its content. They couldn't ask, and as long as he kept his mouth shut, he wouldn't tell.

"Are you telling me I shouldn't ask if you prefer sucking cocks as opposed to pounding warm, sweet, lovely, all-American girl pussy?" The older man growled this question an inch from his ear. He could feel his warm spittle dewing on his skin.

Chet couldn't see his face, but he imagined the older man's paper-white skin was flushed in anger. He couldn't help but feel slightly aroused by that. The sergeant had pale, freckled skin and hair somewhere between red and brown, the sort of man Chet always favored most.

"Sir, that is correct, sir."

The sergeant said nothing more for a few moments as he thumbed silently through the magazine pages. He stopped on another two-page photograph, this time featuring the older man shooting a massive load of thick cum into the younger man's open, eager mouth. The sergeant let out a mock whistle as if deeply impressed by the commodious spunk output.

"The two fags in the magazine look something like you and me, don't they private?"

Chet was dumbfounded about how to answer. Of course they did. That's why he had bought the magazine. That's why he had expended so many loads fantasizing about the sergeant sneaking into his bunk and rutting him with abandon.

"Did you not hear my question, private?"

"Sir, now that you mention it sir, there might be a slight resemblance, sir."

"Well, that's what I thought when I got my copy two weeks ago. But I thought it was more than just a slight resemblance."

It took a few seconds for that to register. He said what? He had his own copy?

"I mean, the first thing that popped into my head when I flipped through it, looking for some good jack-off material, was 'sweet Jesus, that hot tatted boy looks just like my cute little Private Watson, right down to the fantastic bubble butt."

Chet felt paralyzed now. This had to be some sort of trick.

"So what do you think of that, private?"

"Sir, a. . .an interesting analysis, sir."

The sergeant chuckled softly, then lapsed into silence. The room grew so quiet he could hear the sweep second hand on the older man's watch, his beefy arm still resting on his shoulder.

"I bet you think I'm messing with you, don't you private? You think I'm trying to trick you into admitting you're a fag, don't you?"

"Sir, I imagined that, sir."

"Well, I don't think you're a fag, private. I know you are a fag. I knew you were a fag the moment I saw you, the first day of basic. After all, it takes a fag to know a fag, doesn't it, private?"

Chet had no idea how to reply.

"I asked you a question, private."

"Sir, I have heard that said, sir." Still, this could be a trick. He had no sense the sergeant was gay. Every third word out of the man's mouth was "pussy" or "cunt" or "tits" or "whore."

The sergeant flipped a few more pages to the last spread of the magazine. It featured a shot of the two men blissfully cuddling together in sleep, their muscular bodies coated in sweat and streaks of cum.

"This guy was in my favorite porn flick," the sergeant said conversationally, tapping the older man's face with his finger. "Called 'The Golden Tongue.' Did you see it?"

Again Chet was stymied. He had, of course, seen the movie, in secret, on his laptop while locked in a storeroom behind the barracks. But this comment suggested the sergeant really was gay. How else would he know about 'The Golden Tongue'?"

"Private, I asked you a question."

"Sir, I think I may possibly have seen it, sir."

"Damn boy, looking at this magazine is making me hard again. Are you getting hard, too, private?"

Chet was at a complete loss now how to respond. Again, seconds passed in silence. Suddenly, he felt the sergeant's large, warm hand snake inside his shorts and down into the damp mesh pouch holding his cock and balls. He inhaled sharply as he felt the sergeant gently caressing his meat.

"Shit, you are getting hard, too, boy."

The sergeant's other hand took hold of Chet's and placed it on the older man's crotch. The distinct outline and stiffness of his commanding officer's sizable penis below his uniform pants was unmistakable. He was getting hard. Good God, he really is gay, Chet realized.

"Is it as big as you fantasized, private?"

Chet was unable to answer as he felt his sergeant gently stroking and massaging his meat inside his shorts. He was fully engorged now, so rigid he could feel his cock throbbing with pulsing blood.

"Because I'll tell you, you're bigger than I thought, for such a short little guy. Of course, I'm not complaining one bit, because I'm something of a size queen myself."

The stood in silence for a few moments as the sergeant languidly jerked him off inside his shorts. He tried not to gasp when the older man repeatedly rubbed a glob of precum over his super-sensitive glans with his strong thumb. Only a gay man would know how to do that. Only a gay man would know the agonizing ecstasy that caused. After a few moments, he felt the older man's cheek rub against his neck, the bristle tickling his skin as he gently kissed his chin and ran his tongue up to his earlobe.

Chet wondered if the older man was going to jerk him until he came. Where was this leading? His fantasy had become a reality, but he wasn't certain what that meant, never having imagined what would actually happen if the imagined truly intersected with the real world. Still, five minutes before, he thought he was in hell. Now he was in heaven.

"Oh, by the way, private, I forgot to tell you," the sergeant whispered into his ear, the rough tone of a superior officer now replaced with the soft voice of a seductive lover. "The president signed a repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell' this morning. I've been waiting for weeks so I could call you in here to celebrate in private."

Text copyright 2010 by William Leveque. All rights reserved.

13 June 2010


In mythical legend, the incubus was an impossibly handsome demon who laid with his victims at night and tempted them with sex. Whilst they most often bedded women, they would gladly sleep with men, too.

This was one of the many reasons medievals discouraged homosexual thought, for fear an incubus would pray on men who entertained lascivious fantasies of romping with the muscular village blacksmith. Like that would be a bad thing. I found this delightful incubus at Daventry Blue.

12 June 2010

Supermarket Sex

The skeptic in me wonders if they really shot this on the sly in a supermarket. You can see a bloke stocking the meat case while the two lads go at it behind the stacked sodas. So is this genuine or was the "butcher" really a day player paid $40 to pretend he was stocking the case and the shoot went down when the store was closed?

I've seen straight pornstar Billy Glide twice in my supermarket, both times in the cracker aisle reading the boxes. I wonder if he'd be up for this?

11 June 2010

Natural Man

Adam is back today with his fantastic fur and superb foreskin.