09 June 2010

Memory Lane

I moved to California as a college freshman in 1985. Hailing from a small town in a fairly rural part of the country and never having spent much time in a big city, Los Angeles was like the proverbial candy store for me.

I explored anything and everything I could, notwithstanding I had no car and used public buses. Although naive in many ways, I was nonetheless fairly resourceful. Somehow I discovered that a few movie theaters in town showed gay porn. This was before VCRs were common and long before the Internet. I remember the Tomkat fairly well on Santa Monica Boulevard. I have a less clear memory of one or possibly two other gay theaters in the Hollywood area; one may have been called The Century.

I looked about fourteen when I was a college freshman, so I always carried both my driver's license and my passport to prove I was old enough to enjoy smut. The Tomkat was typically sleazy as porn theaters go with that all-pervasive smell, sticky floors, and worn velour seats. They showed movies back to back so the lights were always off.

During one of my first visits after classes in the late afternoon when the theater was nearly empty, I was surprised when a brawny man in a suit about thirty-five suddenly sat down right next to me. I was not the sort of bloke who wanked in a porn theater so I wasn't caught in an embarrassing moment, but this sudden intimacy unnerved me. Of course, I had no idea what was up.

At some point I turned and stole a glance at my sudden new friend. He was nice looking but seemed totally absorbed in what was happening on the screen. Just at the moment I was about to get up and move, he rested his hand on my thigh and began caressing me gently. I remember having something of an "ah ha" realization, so I remained seated.

Soon the hand made a journey up my thigh and stopped at my crotch where he began to massage me. A moment later, while never taking his eyes off the screen, he expertly unfastened my belt and unbuttoned my fly. I was completely clueless about cooperating, so at one point he whispered something like "scoot your jeans down." I did as instructed.

He had my cock out and began jerking me off. I was already half-hard because of what was happening in the movie and soon was fully engorged. At a moment when the screen was fairly dark and threw the theater in shadow, he suddenly leaned over the seat and began sucking me off. He was a vigorous, expert cocksucker and knew how to modulate his pace so that I didn't shoot my load too quickly.

While I was still shocked at the suddenness of this, I remember distinctly how thrilled I was, too. It was like suddenly discovering a winning lottery ticket in the street. Hot porn and free blowjobs! Mr. Businessman turned out to be one of the theater's afternoon regulars and that is a whole other story in itself.

I remember watching this particular clip during one of those Tomkat blowjobs. I don't know if it was the first time I got one, but I remember it was at least one of the earliest times, and Mr. Businessman did the honors. I remember cumming at just about the time the bloke on screen rubs the two cum-drenched cocks together. I was in absolute heaven. The movie was made seven or eight years before I saw it, but the Tomkat showed a wide variety of smut in those days, perhaps because not a whole lot of feature-length gay films were available.

I only learned fairly recently that the LAPD ran vice stings in LA gay theaters, but apparently mostly in the later evenings. I guess my guardian angel was watching over me then so I was never discovered. Or maybe he was one of the ones giving out blowjobs, a stocky chap in a nice suit with a neatly trimmed beard.


  1. Awesome- wheres the sequel?!

  2. That was brilliant, a trip down memory lane. I am not sure what a freshman is but I was in my second year of college in 1985 and we had the same sort of cinemas here in Toronto, and I had a very similar incident as yours. Cheers.

  3. Dougie, a freshman is in his or her first year of college. Second year would be a sophomore.

  4. Anonymous08:36

    As someone who used to WORK at The Century Theater at 5115 Hollywood Blvd, (the building is reportedly long gone), you were indeed fortunate to have escaped the vice squad set-ups. I witnessed countless scenes of entrapment and horrible physical abuse inside the theater as well as chases outside onto the street/sidewalk. I left the place in the late 70's. - Montana Cowboy

  5. Yes it was The Century Theater...and believe it or not I was going there in the early to mid 80's...I found the experience thrilling, exhilarating, and frightening at the same time. For me, it was "A Few Good Men" as I could rarely contain my orgasm past the opening credits. I'd go to the restroom and into a stall to jerk off....being somewhat shy. A guy followed me in and jerked me off once (no blow job) and it was one of the powerful orgasms I'd ever had. I didn't go to TomKat but wished I had.

  6. Hey will. thanks for the info! cheers.

  7. Something about these old FILM clips (I'm sure that has a lot to do with it) just gets me so FUCKIN' hot. The way these guys relate, move their bodies, the way the bottom takes the dick right in his mouth with his own ass juice slicking it . . . I can almost FEEL while watching this Eric Ryan's dick up MY ass, feel Derrick Stanton hot asshole gripping MY dick. I just don't get that extra dimension in most contemporary porn. Sleazy, bold, slutty,masculine, hot, hot, hot.


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