27 June 2010

Eyes on the Prize

One of my favorite things about going to the gym is seeing a hot straight guy in the locker room when he bends over whilst dressing or undressing and gives an inadvertent glimpse of his virgin bunghole. Of course, none of them are quite so generous in displaying their prize. These hot asses came from the excellent blog MWM.


  1. Anonymous09:27

    Great photos! Love B&W.

  2. These are fantastic pictures

  3. Anonymous11:52

    None of these holes are virginal though

  4. Anonymous05:15

    Of course none of them are quite so straight, not to mention their alleged virginity; wouldn't mind to spend some times to play with ass n° one.

  5. Anonymous18:33

    I marvel that virginity might be invoked in favour of a man. Well, there's a speculator. Better than a speculator, give me a penislover, and I will show you (Cf., Santana, final frame) a male of sumptuous solace and irridescent savoir faire, a male to suckle cockhead whole as if salvaging the pithmeat from its foreskin's own abandonment, and clamour raptly up its shaft for heave of healing fuck.


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