11 June 2010

Natural Man

Adam is back today with his fantastic fur and superb foreskin.


  1. Anonymous08:29

    That looks like an 'all-day sucker' to me. WOOF! - Montana Cowboy

  2. Anonymous00:34

    I kind of feel like I came in during the middle of the movie - who is this guy? Of course he's xxxxhot and that cock of his is truly beautiful even though I normally don't like uncut cocks. Is there some previous post talking about him? let us know

  3. Anon@00:34...

    He's Adam Champ. I featured him here on April 19.

  4. Anonymous06:42

    The most perfect uncut !!! and on that body, brown and masculine

  5. Anonymous04:51

    would you really suck on that? i have a cocker with that amount of foreskin and i have always been a little insecure about it. :(

  6. Anonymous02:55

    Lavishly lovely, riveting, and visibly luscious, the penis proclaims, too, its soothing empathy for one's ass, wherein the great and glowing prize of foreskin's fond unfurling may find shelter of a more sumptuous kind, to match its cherishing of massage, and redeem its fame for valour in the violence of love.


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