17 June 2010

Safari in the Sun

I'm feeling a need to take my boyfriend down to Black's Beach, even though we just got back from a vacation where, unfortunately, we did not find any nude beaches. We swam naked by ourselves a few times after dark.

I don't know what was inside this circa 1967 vintage magazine. I found the cover on a Tumblr page. I wonder if the images were innocent with naked lads playing volleyball. Or was their all-male nudist outing a libido-crazed fuck-fest with everything showing, one of those vintage porn rags masquerading as nudist fare? A vintage magazine seller has one available online for $145. Given the age of the magazine, I suspect the pages featured only cheesecake stuff and not hardcore fun.

I first saw a nudist magazine when I was about ten, something I found in my grandfather's house. It was of the tame variety with picnics and miniature golf, but both men and women were naked with everything showing. The magazine was probably fifteen or twenty years old when I saw it about 1977 or so. I used to feel a little guilty looking at the men much more than the women. I'm glad I now live a life without guilt.

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