31 May 2017

Headline Headaches

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the intersecting Trump administration Russian scandals, The Washington Post published a handy graphic guide yesterday (link here) to the five major investigations trying to untangle and investigate all the various transgressions.

Not all of these will investigate the same issues and scandal subsets. The Senate Judiciary Committee, for instance, seems to be the only one investigating the potentially illegal quid pro quo promise of American visas to Chinese investors involving the family of Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner (details here).

In other startling developments yesterday, yet more Trump key players were revealed to be under investigation for possible Russian collusion. Trump's personal lawyer is now being investigated and is refusing to cooperate with the House Intelligence Committee (details here). And former Trump loyalist Boris Epshteyn is now being investigated as well (details here).

On the same day, only hours apart, both Trump and Vladimir Putin attempted to push back against the avalanche of scandals with the same talking points: it's fake news being orchestrated by Democrats. If that was true, why are so many Republicans spending so much time investigating all of these scandals?


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30 May 2017

Fact Checkers

I like fact checker columns. They cut through the dissembling, hubris, and hype and get to the unvarnished truth, if any, in a politician's statements and claims. Arguably the best two covering American national politics are PolitiFact at the Tampa Bay Times and Fact Checker at The Washington Post.

It's no surprise these sites have been working overtime since Donald Trump ran for and was elected President.

I never cease to be amazed at the bald-faced lies Trump tells and the shameless way he throws them out like breadcrumbs to pigeons. Most of us just scoff and shake our heads at is whoppers, because they're so patently false, but presumably his dwindling number of fans still believe them like they were handed down on tablets of stone from a mountaintop.

Take the bizarre claim that Trump spewed out before he had even returned home from his first international trip since being sworn into office: "Deals struck on his first foreign trip as president made and saved 'millions of jobs.'"

No surprise, PolitiFact dialed that one all the way down to a full FALSE (link here).

If you know anything about economics, you know it would be impossible to gauge the number of jobs created before an event even took place. So not only is this putting the proverbial horse before the cart, it's putting the cart before the horse before the horse's great-great-great grandfather is even born.

Of course, many or most of Trump's supporters know little to nothing about economics. They will believe him because he says it and they won't read or watch any critical coverage. That's why they blindly support him -- they're impervious to truth.

Once again, that's why believing Trump's promises to the LGBT community is a waste of time. There is no one in modern American politics less likely to tell the truth than Donald Trump.

Blond Adonis

Nate looks like the kind of gods I had in mind when I first created this blog way back when. He has a flawless body on a 6'2 frame and weighs in at a fat-free 235 pounds. He is originally from Montana but his history after that is unknown.

He has only ever done a few solo jerkoff scenes and photoshoots and nothing with a partner. Does that mean he's straight or that he didn't want to fuck or be fucked on screen? Interestingly, these images were shot a while ago but just released as a new collection in the last few days.

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29 May 2017


After Donald Trump returned from his overseas trip on Saturday, the White House released various photographs, including Melania Trump posing with other world leader spouses. All were identified except one, a gentleman named Gauthier Destenay, whose husband is the Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Were White House officials afraid they'd offend the evangelicals to whom they're constantly pandering by identifying the gay man married to the only openly gay prime minister in the world?

Twelve hours after releasing the photo without Monsieur Destenay's name, following widespread international criticism, the White House added it without explanation.

So the bottom line is the "best people" Trump hired at the White House are either incompetent or homophobic.

Tag Team

The photographer of this set speculates about the sexuality of the various lads, pondering whether they're straight or bi. The reality is that many (most?) young lads in their teens and early twenties are overwhelmed by raging testosterone and can be talked into most anything, particularly if they're stoned or plastered.

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28 May 2017

Endorsing Hate

This past week, the Trump White House granted temporary press credentials to the highly controversial radio program "Infowars" and allowed it to broadcast live from the White House press briefing room. Permanent press credentials are allegedly in the process of being granted.

If you're not familiar with "Infowars," it is a far-right conspiracy radio program with several million regular listeners hosted by Alex Jones that has peddled fictions like the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was faked, that the US government orchestrated the Oklahoma City bombings and 9/11 attacks, that the moon landings were faked, that President Obama was born in Africa, and much more.

The program stridently promotes Donald Trump and is hatefully misogynistic, racist, and anti-LGBT. Any male criticized by Jones, regardless of his sexuality, is routinely called a fag, fairy, cocksucker, and much worse (example here).

Trump himself has appeared on Jones's program more than once and also promoted it a number of times during his campaign. He has continued to make supportive statements about the show during his Presidential appearance.

That means an "Infowars" propagandist will sit alongside journalists from legitimate media outlets like The New York Times, NBC News, CNN, The Washington Post, and many more, questioning the President and various spokespersons during White House press conferences.

The fact that Trump would welcome such repulsive and fraudulent LGBT haters like "Infowars" staff into the White House renders any claims that Trump is pro-LGBT to be utterly ludicrous.

Friends of the LGBT community do not embrace hate.

The Equestrians

This hot video is like a Tom of Finland illustration come to life with three muscular studs stripping down to only their riding boots so they can suck and fuck with abandon. This scene features the legendary Ted Colunga aka Fred Fele early in his career as a bottom.

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27 May 2017

Another Bombshell

The major media outlets have a tendency to release big investigative scoops late on Friday afternoon, and yesterday was no exception. The Washington Post published a bombshell report (link here) about how Donald Trump's son-in-law had a clandestine conversation with the Russian ambassador to set up a secret, secure communications channel between Trump’s team and the Kremlin before the inauguration, using Russian diplomatic personnel to avoid scrutiny by American law enforcement and national security personnel.

Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is already being questioned by the FBI, per media reports earlier in the week, and had a number of secret meetings with Russian officials that he failed to disclose during his security screening process.

Now Trump has repeatedly insisted there was no secret collusion between his campaign and the Russians. Then why was his son-in-law secretly talking to the Russians, in meetings he failed to disclose to federal investigators, and talking about a clandestine communication system meant to escape detection?

You don't have secret talks unless you have secrets to hide.

The Logan Act is a longstanding federal law that provides criminal penalties and prison time for people convicted of unauthorized communications between private citizens and foreign governments in adversarial positions with the United States. This law was passed to prevent exactly the sort of behavior in which Trump's people were engaging.

While Trump is now President and such foreign contacts are allowed, before he was inaugurated, he was still a private citizen bound by the Logan Act, as were members of his family and all of his employees.

As another article in The Washington Post noted (link here), this latest development about "Kushner trying to secretly talk to the Russians is the biggest billow of smoke yet" in the conflagration consuming the Trump administration.

The Whole Thing

Here's an entire flick some kind soul uploaded for everyone's enjoyment. It's a porn feature from the year 2000 called To the Max and directed by Steven Scarborough, who consistently delivered top quality and very erotic material. My favorite scene begins at about 35:00 and features the studly big Mike Roberts. Sadly both Scarborough and Roberts have retired from the porn biz.

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26 May 2017

The Shove

Sometimes I see news items about Donald Trump and I just shake my head with disbelief.

At the NATO meeting of world leaders yesterday, Trump found himself in the background of a group of chatting presidents and ministers. So he just shoved Duško Markovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro, out of the way so he could be in front.

There's no mistaking what he did (video here). He shoves the PM, stops, buttons his coat, and preens for the camera. He clearly wanted to be in front.

There's no excusing what he did. That was downright arrogant and obnoxious and rude.

It's no wonder the man is contemptuous of women, minorities, the disabled, people of color, and more. He only thinks about himself and how important he thinks he is.

Sorry, world, the majority of Americans did not vote for this odious clown. The majority of voters did not vote for him. He represents the worst of America, not the best.


Prentice is pretty huge, which is fantastic. He stands 6'2 and weighs a solidly muscled 210 pounds. He looks like he crushes refrigerators for fun and heaves a Prius or two for relaxation.

This lad has only done two other porn shoots, to the best of my knowledge -- another jerkoff scene and a blowjob scene with him receiving. He has children and a girlfriend, so any male-on-male action is not likely.

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25 May 2017

Contempt of Court

Today is the sixth day the Trump administration has refused to turn over a document to a federal court that it was ordered to produce by last Friday. The document in question is the so-called "Giuliani travel ban memo," which contemplated how the government could ban Muslims from entering the United States without actually calling it a Muslim ban.

Rather than submit the document as ordered, the Trump administration is claiming a federal court cannot require the President to release documents. This, of course, is pure, unadulterated bullshit. On July 24, 1974, the US Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a President cannot ignore a court order to produce documents or other evidence.

This current matter is both important and troubling because it shows the willingness of Donald Trump and his administration to ignore lawful court orders. Such a strategy could ignite a constitutional crisis.

If the Trump administration continues its refusal to comply with the court order, the judge could find it in contempt. If that happens, the judge has two remedies: jailing the refusing party until the evidence is produced or fining the refusing party in order to compel production.

It's not likely a sitting federal judge would order Donald Trump or members of his administration jailed. But the judge could levy fines on both the President and key members of his staff. Federal courts have shown in the past that they will impose stiff fines for recalcitrant litigants, sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars a day.

This is an pending crisis. How and when it is resolved will be telling for whether Trump and his people plan to ignore more court orders in the future.


This is Liam, who is a big tall slab of scorching hot male studliness. He stands 6'1 and weighs 205 pounds. He says he is straight but "gay for pay is not out of the question." Does that mean he escorts? Is interested in escorting but no clients yet? He also says he jacks off three or four times a day.

He must've been ready to jack off when these pictures were shot because, if you look at the fifth photo below, you'll see he's dripping some precum, what is technically called Cowper's fluid. I always love to see a man do this, and I know some of you do, too.

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24 May 2017

More Massive Lies

On May 21, 2015, Donald Trump gave an interview to a conservative media outlet where he said (source here): "I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid. Every other Republican is going to cut, and even if they wouldn’t, they don’t know what to do because they don’t know where the money is. I do."

He went on to make the same promises. At least thirteen more times, as was documented recently by Bernie Sanders' office (source here).

Flash forward to yesterday. Trump released his first budget to Congress, which includes more than $1.4 trillion in cuts to Medicaid (source here).

His budget proposal also includes hundreds of billions in cuts to Social Security disability insurance (source here).

So he promised at least fourteen times he would make no cuts.

And yesterday he proposed massive cuts that he promised he would never make.

He lied to the American people. Over and over again, doubling down on those lies. At least fourteen times.

And yet we're still supposed to believe his promises to the LGBT community?

Sloppy Seconds

The top here is sort of trashy hot with all those tattoos and he's very well hung. Checking his credits, I see he's only done about a half dozen porn scenes to date. I'm surprised, because given his endowment and the fact that he's a solid performer, you'd think he would have a lot more credits.

This scene has a great close to it. After the top pops his load several times, he climbs off and we see the cameraman has a hard-on of his own. Maybe he was beating off whilst filming, because when he climbs on the eager bottom, he pops a load inside two minutes.

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23 May 2017

Legalized Discrimination

Michelangelo Signorile at The Huffington Post published a horrifying article on Sunday (link here) about how Texas may soon pass a bill that would permit nurses, lawyers, and pharmacists to refuse service on "religious grounds."

Concurrently, as reported by NBC News (link here), Texas may soon pass a bill that allows state-funded adoption agencies to refuse children to non-Christian, single, or LGBT prospective parents on "religious grounds."

This "religious grounds" exemption is a favorite new tactic of anti-LGBT zealots who are using it as a back door to allow blatant discrimination. The bigot or hater who refuses service never has to prove what his or her religious beliefs are, if any.

Now one might think that federal courts will neuter such legislation as being unconstitutional, which is what happened in the 1950s and 1960s when integration laws were unsuccessfully challenged on "religious grounds." Since then, however, conservative judges and justices have shown time and time again their willingness to ignore binding precedent as they carve theocratic law wholecloth out of thin air.

If either or both these proposed provisions makes it to a federal court, a judge nominated by Donald Trump, who's filling judicial ranks with arch-conservative anti-LGBT candidates pre-selected by the Heritage Foundation and similar anti-LGBT hate groups, could uphold these draconian and horrific proposed laws.

Trump is in all likelihood an atheist but that won't stop him from nominating as many anti-LGBT candidates as possible in order to pander to his hard-right religious conservative base. The man is a raging demagogue and has no shame.


The top here is Manuel, who just started doing porn in early 2017. He's 38, stands 5'8, weighs 170, and keeps in fantastic shape. He's originally from Canada and only tops in porn unless he does a scene with his husband Mick, for whom he will bottom.

The watermarked originals for these photos are huge and total four dozen in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, you'll want to click here.