29 May 2017


After Donald Trump returned from his overseas trip on Saturday, the White House released various photographs, including Melania Trump posing with other world leader spouses. All were identified except one, a gentleman named Gauthier Destenay, whose husband is the Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Were White House officials afraid they'd offend the evangelicals to whom they're constantly pandering by identifying the gay man married to the only openly gay prime minister in the world?

Twelve hours after releasing the photo without Monsieur Destenay's name, following widespread international criticism, the White House added it without explanation.

So the bottom line is the "best people" Trump hired at the White House are either incompetent or homophobic.


  1. Anonymous06:55

    Estupidos,Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. This is proof that in White House there are religious minds that are ruling the country.
    Yes, it's so incompetent AND homophobic.

    Everywhere else in the «democratic countries» where REAL Gay Rights are in place, we did mention that first openly gay spouse of Luxemburg Prime Minister.

    We even underlined it as a big progress in the acceptance of LIBERTY.

    Seems that «LIBERTY» in no more the main value in USA.

    When a leader begins to restrain the «LIBERTY» of the press and promote partisan news networks, this is a sign that HE is acting as a autocrat and totalitarian leader.

    VERY dangerous.
    BAD, BAD.

  3. Anonymous04:34

    The incompetence might lie in making the homophobia so obvious. You're doing great work in highlighting Trump's shortcomings.
    And also great work in highlighting so many sexy men. The one on this post is one of the best I've seen in a long time - nicely muscular without being muscle-bound, bearded (a BIG turn-on for me), not covered in tattoos (I like some, but not total coverage), and really beautiful cock and balls.


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