03 May 2017


Politico is reporting (link here) that Donald Trump will sign an executive order on Thursday under the guise of "religious freedom" that will allow discrimination against LGBT people, against anyone cohabiting with another adult, against anyone who has had an abortion or uses contraceptives, and more.

This order is reportedly much like or almost identical to a draft order that circulated in early February (details here).

According to Politico, Vice President Michael Pence and anti-LGBT hate groups have been pressuring Trump to sign the order. Pence attempted to do this while governor of Indiana, and the spectacular disaster blew up in his face, and likely would have led to his defeat when he ran for reelection, had Trump not picked him.

Trump's proposed order, if signed, would arguably be as draconian -- or even worse -- than Congress's fraudulently named "First Amendment Defense Act," which similarly would allow anti-LGBT discrimination.

When news broke of Trump's proposed order back in February, a number of legal experts told the media they expected federal courts would block the measure from taking effect.

If Trump signs the order this week, he will reveal himself to be profoundly anti-LGBT. He will prove that the rainbow flag promise was yet another bald-faced lie.

Coincidentally, or perhaps not, right now the United States Supreme Court is considering whether to take an appeal of a Colorado bakery's case, known as Masterpiece Cakeshop, where a baker claimed he had the right to refuse to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple (details here).

If the Supreme Court justices decide to hear the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, they would likely decide the matter sometime between October of this year and June of next year, which could resolve this issue once and for all.

Considering the ideological mix on the Supreme Court right now is 5-4 in favor of LGBT rights, let's hope they do decide to take the case. Otherwise, if one of the pro-LGBT justices were to retire or leave the bench and the matter is not addressed by the high court before then, a new Trump nominee could tilt the court in a 5-4 anti-LGBT majority.


  1. Anonymous05:21

    Mi seƱor que problema con estos tipos.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Again and again, that «cha-cha» dance on some USA citizen's rights to be jeopardized by ONE vote of any supreme court member and more sadly, by the religious faith of him or her.

    NEVER will you be in peace to live your lives as YOU deserve in a FREE country that RESPECT YOUR choices of life as long as it isn't part of your constitution rights and liberty.

    Sad also to see that the rights of those from NRA are maintained to be able to kill but the ones for LIFE are denied.

    We've settled it here since the 60'S by denying the right of politic to intervene in our bedrooms and making it a «human right» in Canada to be FREE of loving who we want to.

    It's so sad not to say unbelievable that such a technological advanced society as USA is still arguing on such fondamental rights in modern countries.
    You criticize those Islamic countries that are not respecting human rights but, sadly, you're doing the same in your own supposedly democratic Christian country.

    On another subject and when I saw Jimmy Kimmel's heart breaking speech, I was again flabbergasted with the fact that lives of many people in USA are at stake in regard of if they have or not a sufficient healthcare insurance.
    A country where LIFE should be most valued you can die because your not wealthy enough to PAY for medical care.
    MONEY seems to be the ONLY value that is leading USA for too many years now and with «Trunmpty Dumpty» it will never change because HE is a billionaire and is far from being attentive to his poorest electoral base.
    HE spends so much money from USA taxe payers for himself since in office that it's scandalous.

    YOP! USA is sick and the future isn't going to be «greater»....

    As I already said here, you might have put men on the moon and claim to be the richest country in the world, but seeing the way you treat your children and old people and not respecting LIFE, the rest of the world is judging you as a «backward» society in that regard.


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