09 May 2017


Queerty ran a short article last Friday (link here) about how Donald Trump recently visited with and posed side-by-side in the Oval Office for photographs with Robert Jeffress, a Baptist preacher and one of the most odious homophobes in the public arena.

Jeffress has appeared on Fox News and the reactionary fundamentalist lecture circuit peddling his books as well as his bizarre theories about LGBT Americans. He has said in public events that he believes gays and lesbians are either already pedophiles or likely to abuse children in the future.

He's also publicly compared being LGBT with bestiality and said LGBT people use "brainwashing techniques" to have gay issues "crammed down our throats." He also fretted about how LGBT people "are engaged in the most detestable, unclean, abominable acts you can imagine."

As if that wasn't enough, he has repeatedly warned that LGBT people "will pave the way for that future world dictator, the Antichrist."

In sum, there's not an awful lot of difference between Jeffress and the late Fred Phelps, the hateful slug who founded and led the notorious Westboro Baptist Church.

This is America, where even outrageous creeps like Jeffress have the First Amendment right to speak in public, no matter how disgusting and insane their ranting might be.

But why is the President of the United States, who waved around a rainbow flag and crowed about how he's so pro-LGBT, welcoming someone like Jeffress into the White House for a meeting and posing for pictures with him?

That doesn't sound like the actions of someone who's pro-LGBT.

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  1. This is as obvious as your nose in the middle of your face: Trumpty Dumpty is pleasing those who have elected him in office.

    Religion and NRA fans are his electoral base so nothing can stop him to please their ego by hosting them in the Oval Office.

    He celebrated his first 100 days with NRA group telling them that NOW, they can be assured not to be bothered for «their» rights.

    It's obvious that «American lives» are not important for him. Only money talks. HATE seems to be his main way of thinking.

    For the LGBT in USA, as usual for him, he is doing his «cha-cha» dance again and will walk over LGBTs rights to promote his popularity, fame as a president that is there for REAL AMERICANS.

    The same he said about latinos that they were «bad, bad» people, drug dealers and killers etc...

    HE is now the leader of ALL what America is as d├ęplorable, uneducated, wealthy, white and religious bigots but NOT of ALL Americans.

    Republican party is, at its base, racists, bigots and mostly ignorants going on to believe any «alternative facts» to prove their points.
    Taking the outdated American Constitution by the words not putting it in context for 21st century.

    It's going to be, for you, 4 years of going backward for any «RIGHTS» in USA.

    He's going to make «America White Again».


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