23 May 2017

Legalized Discrimination

Michelangelo Signorile at The Huffington Post published a horrifying article on Sunday (link here) about how Texas may soon pass a bill that would permit nurses, lawyers, and pharmacists to refuse service on "religious grounds."

Concurrently, as reported by NBC News (link here), Texas may soon pass a bill that allows state-funded adoption agencies to refuse children to non-Christian, single, or LGBT prospective parents on "religious grounds."

This "religious grounds" exemption is a favorite new tactic of anti-LGBT zealots who are using it as a back door to allow blatant discrimination. The bigot or hater who refuses service never has to prove what his or her religious beliefs are, if any.

Now one might think that federal courts will neuter such legislation as being unconstitutional, which is what happened in the 1950s and 1960s when integration laws were unsuccessfully challenged on "religious grounds." Since then, however, conservative judges and justices have shown time and time again their willingness to ignore binding precedent as they carve theocratic law wholecloth out of thin air.

If either or both these proposed provisions makes it to a federal court, a judge nominated by Donald Trump, who's filling judicial ranks with arch-conservative anti-LGBT candidates pre-selected by the Heritage Foundation and similar anti-LGBT hate groups, could uphold these draconian and horrific proposed laws.

Trump is in all likelihood an atheist but that won't stop him from nominating as many anti-LGBT candidates as possible in order to pander to his hard-right religious conservative base. The man is a raging demagogue and has no shame.

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  1. AGAIN, that DAMN RELIGION that is making you going around and around again.

    As USA is going against Islamic Extremists, you're no better in your own country by putting appart some of your own citizens in regard of their sexual orientation, race or religious believes.

    As long as USA will not get over religion being part of political decisions and way off treating so badly its own population, you'll NEVER be the REAL «Land of Liberty».

    Stop thinking that you're the «best country» in the whole world and go see the other ones that are REALLY respecting their own citizens.

    There are double standards here: if you kill an American (well mainly white, Christian and wealthy. Blacks or Latinos in USA are second zone citizens..) it's a shame but if Syrians, Irakians or some other Muslims are killed by thousands, well it's just not on the news as much and you don't even talk about them.
    Not to mention the South Soudan people that are starving to death: those aren't worthed to be helped because they will never bring money or strategic interest for USA.

    Begin to treat your own population more equally and fairly before telling other nations what to do.

    Trumpty Dumpty's latest trip to Saudi Arabia and more is so shameful.
    He is selling for BILLIONS of $$$$ some military arms and will say that he's providing «good jobs» to Americans.

    In USA must admit that ONLY MONEY is important.


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