31 May 2017

Headline Headaches

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the intersecting Trump administration Russian scandals, The Washington Post published a handy graphic guide yesterday (link here) to the five major investigations trying to untangle and investigate all the various transgressions.

Not all of these will investigate the same issues and scandal subsets. The Senate Judiciary Committee, for instance, seems to be the only one investigating the potentially illegal quid pro quo promise of American visas to Chinese investors involving the family of Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner (details here).

In other startling developments yesterday, yet more Trump key players were revealed to be under investigation for possible Russian collusion. Trump's personal lawyer is now being investigated and is refusing to cooperate with the House Intelligence Committee (details here). And former Trump loyalist Boris Epshteyn is now being investigated as well (details here).

On the same day, only hours apart, both Trump and Vladimir Putin attempted to push back against the avalanche of scandals with the same talking points: it's fake news being orchestrated by Democrats. If that was true, why are so many Republicans spending so much time investigating all of these scandals?


  1. Yesterday I've watched the usual press conference of Sean Spicer on CNN and I couldn't believe what I heard.

    So many lies and self congratulations of the president's last international trip despite the rest of the world saying the contrary.

    Most of all the adjective «fairly unbelievable» to qualify their meeting is such a «fake» statement in regard of what Angela Merkel did say about the same meeting.


    While "HE" wanted to «clean Washington swamp» "HE" is doing far much worst with all what is coming out on his companionship with Russians.

    He lately tweeted that "HE" NEVER made business with Russians but, in a 2014 David Letterman show in the past years he admited DOING business with some Russians businessmen.


    Before Trumpty Dumpty Washington may have been «swamp» which only filled with mud and alligators but NOW, Washington is a big «SHIT well» which worst because it's very much corrupted.

    Thank God, I live in Canada.

  2. Anonymous15:38

    What is the name of the guy in the photo? He is stunning!


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