26 May 2017

The Shove

Sometimes I see news items about Donald Trump and I just shake my head with disbelief.

At the NATO meeting of world leaders yesterday, Trump found himself in the background of a group of chatting presidents and ministers. So he just shoved Duško Markovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro, out of the way so he could be in front.

There's no mistaking what he did (video here). He shoves the PM, stops, buttons his coat, and preens for the camera. He clearly wanted to be in front.

There's no excusing what he did. That was downright arrogant and obnoxious and rude.

It's no wonder the man is contemptuous of women, minorities, the disabled, people of color, and more. He only thinks about himself and how important he thinks he is.

Sorry, world, the majority of Americans did not vote for this odious clown. The majority of voters did not vote for him. He represents the worst of America, not the best.


  1. Anonymous06:37

    Da pena ajena.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. You're so damn right.

    "HE" made a fool of himself as "HE" often do.

    Such a disgrace for you, Americans to see your president act in such bad manners and unrespectful to the prime minister of Montenegro.

    For us in Canada, we cannot be prouder of our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who is a real gentleman.
    Not to mention the wonderful meeting and sexy photo with French president, Emmanuel Macron.
    Those two are such good men and will surely be very good friends.

    For Trumpty Dumpty, he isn't showing the real face of the American people.

    I have many American friends and, as you mentioned, not every Americans are such «assholes» and uneducated ones.

    He isn't «Making America Great Again» with his bad behaviors, he is «Making America Weaker for the next 4 years».

    His narrow minded politics in many sphere of international affairs will weakened USA: the contrary of what he promised and wished to do.

    Just his trade blocking of Canadian lumber wood to USA will cost you a lot of money: your houses will suffer of rising prices so not much good American families will be able to afford buying their house.

    And this is just a small example of Trumpty Dumpty's short view of what are REAL American wealth and good.


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