28 May 2017

Endorsing Hate

This past week, the Trump White House granted temporary press credentials to the highly controversial radio program "Infowars" and allowed it to broadcast live from the White House press briefing room. Permanent press credentials are allegedly in the process of being granted.

If you're not familiar with "Infowars," it is a far-right conspiracy radio program with several million regular listeners hosted by Alex Jones that has peddled fictions like the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was faked, that the US government orchestrated the Oklahoma City bombings and 9/11 attacks, that the moon landings were faked, that President Obama was born in Africa, and much more.

The program stridently promotes Donald Trump and is hatefully misogynistic, racist, and anti-LGBT. Any male criticized by Jones, regardless of his sexuality, is routinely called a fag, fairy, cocksucker, and much worse (example here).

Trump himself has appeared on Jones's program more than once and also promoted it a number of times during his campaign. He has continued to make supportive statements about the show during his Presidential appearance.

That means an "Infowars" propagandist will sit alongside journalists from legitimate media outlets like The New York Times, NBC News, CNN, The Washington Post, and many more, questioning the President and various spokespersons during White House press conferences.

The fact that Trump would welcome such repulsive and fraudulent LGBT haters like "Infowars" staff into the White House renders any claims that Trump is pro-LGBT to be utterly ludicrous.

Friends of the LGBT community do not embrace hate.


  1. Anonymous04:21

    No se puede creer tanta maldad.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. OMFG!
    How can such a «moron» be still on air in your country.

    That could never be seen here in Canada because HATERS of any kind would be prosecuted in court for editing hate and publishing false facts.

    We had few years ago a «moron» that had said and published some articles against Jews and sustaining that the Hollocost never happened.

    In regard of our «Canadian Charter of Rights and Liberties», anyone who wouldn't respect diversity and equality of our people rights can be charged in court and have big penalties.

    So, USA isn't that much the «Land of Libety» when each time we see such nonsense fact or people being able to bully any people for their sexual orientation or other that aren't living the «American way» of «white-christian-wealthy-uneducated» morons.

  3. That hairy guy is Saul HARRIS


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