30 May 2017

Fact Checkers

I like fact checker columns. They cut through the dissembling, hubris, and hype and get to the unvarnished truth, if any, in a politician's statements and claims. Arguably the best two covering American national politics are PolitiFact at the Tampa Bay Times and Fact Checker at The Washington Post.

It's no surprise these sites have been working overtime since Donald Trump ran for and was elected President.

I never cease to be amazed at the bald-faced lies Trump tells and the shameless way he throws them out like breadcrumbs to pigeons. Most of us just scoff and shake our heads at is whoppers, because they're so patently false, but presumably his dwindling number of fans still believe them like they were handed down on tablets of stone from a mountaintop.

Take the bizarre claim that Trump spewed out before he had even returned home from his first international trip since being sworn into office: "Deals struck on his first foreign trip as president made and saved 'millions of jobs.'"

No surprise, PolitiFact dialed that one all the way down to a full FALSE (link here).

If you know anything about economics, you know it would be impossible to gauge the number of jobs created before an event even took place. So not only is this putting the proverbial horse before the cart, it's putting the cart before the horse before the horse's great-great-great grandfather is even born.

Of course, many or most of Trump's supporters know little to nothing about economics. They will believe him because he says it and they won't read or watch any critical coverage. That's why they blindly support him -- they're impervious to truth.

Once again, that's why believing Trump's promises to the LGBT community is a waste of time. There is no one in modern American politics less likely to tell the truth than Donald Trump.

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  1. OMG!
    Again, Trumpty Dumpty is not only a HUGE liar but he is saying anything to flatter his «deplorable» base electors and more, he himself is believing his own lies.

    That is a sign of mental illness, NO?

    After his latest trip in so many foreign countries, he showed how he wasn't fitted to be a diplomate and his making USA look meaner than most of its population.

    Just witnessing the back an fort language between him and Angela Merkel is just like a nose in the middle of a face that he is doing lot of damage to USA's diplomacy.

    By isolating USA in many fields, he is causing so much damage to your economic, business and political influence that ALL the other country that were allies since 70 years are now thinking of turning their back to USA.

    What is coming now for your LGBT rights is very, very uncertain.
    As he is a unconditional liar and, worse of all, with those «d├ęplorables» that are believing him no matter what, LGBT rights and demands will be in big danger.

    NOP, "HE" isn't «Making America Great Again».


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