04 May 2017

Mississippi Hating

Yesterday, NBC News reported about how a Mississippi funeral home refused to cremate a man's body because he was gay, notwithstanding a relative had made all the arrangements a month before he died (details here).

As a result, the family had to rush to find another facility to perform the needed cremation, eventually finding one ninety miles away.

Not surprisingly, the cremation refusal was devastating to the deceased man's husband, who had been his companion and partner for more than fifty years.

Mississippi has a state law, known as House Bill 1523, that legalizes discrimination against LGBT persons on "moral or religious grounds." That highly controversial law, however, is currently on hold because a federal court found it unconstitutional and the matter is currently before a US Court of Appeals.

Donald Trump is reportedly signing a presidential executive order today that would legalize anti-LGBT discrimination nationwide on broad and vague "religious" grounds. If that expected order is not struck down by a federal court, the Mississippi widower will have no legal recourse for the reprehensible treatment he received.

Nationwide, thanks to Trump, anti-LGBT discrimination soon may be commonplace. We may be legally barred from hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, and much more. And if this heinous executive order is upheld, LGBT Americans will have utterly no redress.

Now remind us again why Trump is supposed to be pro-LGBT?


  1. I've just seen on CNN Trumpty Dumpty signing that act to allow religion to put their nose in politic.

    SAD, SAD, VERY SAD news for LGBT rights, if you've ever had some in many hate states as Mississipi and in the Bible Belt ones.
    Those ones that had put HIM in office.

    The future of being gay in USA is in jeopardy and it could be as bad as homosexuals and Jews in Nazi's Germany.

    The USA as known as «Land of Liberty» will loose that reputation so fast now.

    Land of Liberty for WHO?

    Mixing religion and politics is VERY dangerous. Just look what is going on in Muslims countries that are ruled by religious Sharia law.
    They happily kill gay guys by trowing them from buildings and stoning them or even weeping them to death.

    Is that what Americans want for their country? Being seen as a savage and crual country by other «civilized countries»?
    Remember, not so far from today, you used to hang freely some people and mistreating blacks.
    Not to mention many cases of gay bashing where the poor guys where killed.

    USA is going in a very bad path for HUMAN RIGHTS.

    Don't USA politicians look back in time where Jews and homosexuals where killed by thousands in Nazis' Germany ruled by a «foolish» demonical mastermind?

  2. Anonymous15:13

    I'm not sure what ever made you think he was/would be.


  3. Anonymous05:34

    Muy triste y desalodor.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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