14 May 2017

Nutmeg Justice

Connecticut is often called "The Nutmeg State" for unknown reasons, but this is certain: they did the right thing this past week when they banned so-called "gay conversion therapy."

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed HB6695 into law, making it illegal for licensed mental health professionals in Connecticut to practice conversion therapy on any minor. The bill had passed the state senate with a unanimous vote.

With this new law, eight states plus the District of Columbia prohibit practicing conversion therapy on any minor.

Popular support for Connecticut's action followed the tragic 2015 suicide of a 17-year-old transgender girl in Ohio. She had written in her suicide note that religious therapists had been trying to "treat" her with conversion therapies.

After that incident, President Obama called on Congress to pass a nationwide ban on conversion therapy for all minors. But Congress failed to act.

And don't expect any action on this issue out of the Trump Administration, however. While Donald Trump has not said anything publicly about this, his Vice-President, Michael Pence, is believed to favor such "therapy."

Moreover, Trump has strong ties to the anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council and both frequently meets with their leadership and has also placed people with their recommendation on his staff. The Family Research Council is strongly pro-conversion therapy.

As well, some of Trump's conservative allies in Congress have openly called for a new law to allow gay conversion therapy nationwide, which would prevent states from banning it for minors.


  1. Anonymous04:13

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  2. very nice! actually - i go through the same exact situation every morning - 'hmm what to wear?' lol :)

  3. Anonymous05:44

    It is called the Nutmeg State because in the early 19th century CT was famous for it's peddlers, who were not above making fake nutmegs and selling them to unsuspecting customers. The nickname does not speak well for CT's mercantile community!


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