16 May 2017

A New High

No, this is not about a new strain of weed. This entry is about how a new Gallup poll just released yesterday shows that support among Americans for same-sex marriage has reached a new all-time high at 64 percent.

Support has steadily and consistently tracked upward for the last twenty years, from 27 percent support in 1997 to the new high today.

At the same time, support for same-sex relationships has reached an all-time new high of 72 percent. That means about three out of four Americans have no problem with same-sex couples.

This poll only underscores how Donald Trump and Michael Pence's determination, as well as those within their administration, to lurch backwards on LGBT issues is so regressive and undemocratic and troubling.

Trump has stacked the top levels of his staff with people from stridently anti-LGBT hate groups like the the American Family Association, American Vision, the National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, Liberty Counsel, and more. He seems determined to force a dwindling share of the population's rigidly dogmatic ideology onto the large majority of people who don't want it.

He has said many times that he wants to be "the President for all Americans." However, by embracing policies only favored by an ever shrinking minority of people, he only puts himself further and further out of touch.

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