01 May 2017

From Bad to Worse

Michelangelo Signorile published another thought-provoking column in The Huffington Post yesterday, this one with the title "Why Donald Trump’s Second 100 Days Will Be Even Worse For LGBTQ Equality" (link here).

His thesis is straightforward: because Trump's support is eroding, he will pander to his homophobic evangelical base more than ever before, so he'll more openly attack the LGBT community to keep right wingers happy.

He knows the LGBT community will not support him with any strength in the 2018 midterms or his 2020 attempt at re-election, so he will consider us expendable. If he's not so craven to do this by instinct, one can expect homophobes like Michael Pence and Jeffrey Sessions will easily talk him into doing it.

That means whatever promises Trump made to the LGBT during the campaign are ever more in doubt. As his first one hundred days have shown many times, Trump has no qualms about welching on his promises when it suits him.

"That’s why the next 100 days and beyond are even more treacherous," Signorile concludes. "We’ll have to pay great attention and fight back hard."

If Trump thinks the LGBT community will just roll over, he will be sadly mistaken.

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