30 November 2012

Ass Curls

Sometimes lads have more hair on their ass than on their chest, and Donny hear provides ample evidence of that. I wonder if there's a scientific or medical name for those tufted curls on his ass. Anyone know?

29 November 2012


I see lads like this and my mind begins to wander. I wonder what they'll look like ten years from now, when they're in their later thirties and early forties, when they'll be all men and no longer boys.

I'd want to sample their wares before then, though. The darker part of my brain wants to trick him into coming home with me, where I'd get him drunk and then sober him up whilst his was bound and helpless. And then my boyfriend and I would have a really good time with him, still bound and helpless.

I've seen him topping on one man-on-man scene. I'd much rather see him bottoming. I want to see that smirky little face of his in a different expression with a bit of fear.

I'm in a very naughty mood today.

These are extremely large pictures, so they will not load quickly for those with slower connections. Once loaded, click on each one to see full-sized.

28 November 2012

Ben and the Pizza Boy

When you make love to a hairy man, you get a wonderful tingly feeling all over when his furry skin rubs against yours. Hopefully the pizza boy here enjoyed that sensation, too.

27 November 2012

In the Mood for Love

Sometimes an image needs to be featured alone, and this is one of them. I think this is one of the most incredibly erotic shots I've seen in a long time.

25 November 2012

KSEX 90.9 on Your Dial

I've found this linked before on Xvideos, but when I posted it here, it was taken down before it ever went live on the blog. So hopefully this time it will work. The two performers here are Nino Bacci and Gus Mattox.

24 November 2012

Tapping Riley's Ass

With some industrious sleuthing, I was able to find a flick on Xvideos showing Riley getting tapped. His near-perfect ass seems hungry for cock!

23 November 2012

Before & After

What a perfect pair of photos. You can almost hear the ginger lad's joyful moan as he slides down on that hard cock.

22 November 2012

The Life of Riley

After I featured a solo shot of Riley here the other day, a reader passed along more shots from the same set. When he gets a little older, he might end up looking like Andrew Lincoln.

Riley definitely has an ass made for tapping. I've seen him in a bunch of porn scene, and he does seem to bottom more frequently than he tops.

21 November 2012

Gangbang Brasileira

The Brazilian tourist office should produce vids like this to attract more visitors. Televising some football matches like this would also draw tourists, too, I'm sure.

20 November 2012

Two Fistfuls and Then Some

This lad would need to hit the gym if he wants a future in modeling. If he wants a career in porn, he could have that tomorrow.

19 November 2012

Big Joe

This is Joe Zaso, a 42-year-old actor from New York who stands 6'3". He's done a ton of low-budget movies, mostly in the horror genre. He has a very striking look, and one can easily see why he gets lots of work. He'd also be great to huddle with in front of a cozy fire whilst watching a scary horror movie.

18 November 2012

Big Brazilian

I can't quite figure out the storyline here, but does that really matter? Apparently the moral of the story is: if you're wanking in your hotel room and some bloke walks in on you, he has to suck you off and then let you fuck him. Sounds good to me!

17 November 2012

Three's Company

Poking around on Xvideos, sometimes I can find the most amazing videos that, for whatever reason, do not seem to appear on the main pages. This is a very hot video, and I'm glad I stumbled upon it. Whoever loaded it didn't promote it, so hopefully it will last a while.

16 November 2012

All About the Cock

How could you not like a site called All About the Cock, where these photos originated? I'm reminded of a conversation I overheard recently at a sidewalk cafe on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Two lads were chatting quietly behind me about one of the bloke's boyfriends. Loverboy said something like, "I hate him because he's such an asshole, but I'm in love with his cock."

15 November 2012

Man Eggs

If Nobel Prizes were handed out to men for their testicles, Landon surely would be in the running for a laureate slot. They are pretty damn perfect.

I love how they look like eggs inside his scrotum. I need to watch a few of his videos to see if they tighten up when he cums. These are nice big photos; be sure to click each one so you may better admire his balls.

14 November 2012

The Stalker

Usually obsessing over another person earns you a restraining order or a stalking prosecution. Here the outcome is quite different and mutually satisfying to all.

13 November 2012

Thick and Uncut

This is Rogan, who is 32, 5'11", and 176 pounds. This man was born to be naked. He's done some porn, both as a top and a bottom, and also has appeared in a reality show on Australian television.

As you can see, he's nicely thick and uncut. I like how his cock is darker than the rest of his skin. I'm sure there's a physiological reason for that and probably even a medical name. I've never heard anyone use a slang name for that. Is there one?

12 November 2012

Many Men in This Room

These are all shots from a great Tumblor blog called Many Men in This Room. A lot of the images feature well endowed, muscular males, putting the blogger on the same wavelength as me, and probably a lot of you readers, too. It's a site definitely worth bookmarking.