31 December 2010

Image Host Meltdown

I'm aware that many of the images on my blog suddenly are very blurry and unfocused. It's a problem with the image host affecting many users, not just me. Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon. The host site says they're having some server issues they expect to be fixed after the holidays. Hopefully that means they'll restore everything once the new servers are up and running.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Even if you're only slightly familiar with male erotica from the past decades, you'll recognize this photo set is an homage to classic male imagery of the mid-twentieth century, an era when photographers took great care to avoid prosecution for obscenity. Often barely clothed males were deliberately posed in somewhat trite scenarios to fall within the penumbra of lawfully permitted art.

This modern set adds a new twist with full nudity, something only the riskiest of mid-century photographers first dared show. As the century moved forward, relaxing societal values allowed for more explicit material. If you'd like to download a free set with 46 high-quality images from this model shoot, be sure to click here.

While such images are rightly celebrated as milestones in gay rights and social assimilation, one has to recognize that the usually straight subjects in the photographs themselves were pioneers in their own way. If you were a muscular straight bloke in 1955 or so and willing to pose nearly naked for photographs you knew would provide fantasy fodder for gay men, you were far more enlightened than most males of your era. Those straight men deserve some credit for helping break down walls between ostracization and acceptance.

2010 was an important year in gay rights for several reasons. The absurdly named "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was effectively abolished in the United States. Gay marriage is on the cusp of possible full legality in America, too. The new year may bring more developments.

I know President Obama has taken considerable heat from certain gay advocates who perceived him as too slow to act on certain gay rights issues. Many people faulted him for Department of Justice actions, apparently unaware a U.S. President has only extremely limited supervisory control over the largely autonomous DoJ.

There are others of us, however, who recognize President Obama wisely realized he didn't exist in a vacuum and had to move carefully and artfully because of the powerful, belligerent right wing. In the end, his campaign promise of repealing DADT was achieved. Some people on the far left don't seem to realize that if you alienate the middle, you essentially push them into the arms and control of the right.

Had the President stridently and loudly pushed on the DADT issue, he risked losing the battle for health care reform and financial reform, amongst others, in a landscape polarized by the loudly rabid Tea Party and religious right. After all, many believe DADT came into being because President Clinton pushed too hard too fast to end the military gay ban in the 1990s, and the right pushed back harder and won.

Change doesn't always mean as soon as you want it, damn the consequences. Change is most effective when planned and achieved at the right moment, sometimes an effort best achieved quietly and civilly behind the scenes.

30 December 2010


I usually prefer images where I can see the bloke's face and body in addition to his equipment as opposed to dick-only shots. There are some magnificent exceptions, however. Whoever took this photograph is a true artist -- it's at once beautiful and erotic. Click to see the full size version.

29 December 2010

Welcome Home

Because my boyfriend and I both travel quite a bit for our work, we are apart more than we are together. One of the best parts of returning home is when he's waiting for me and crazed with lust. So I definitely sympathize with the two blokes in this clip. They just can't help themselves.

28 December 2010

Power Bottom

When I was age 24 or so, I met my first true power bottom. He was late thirties, very hot looking, big, muscular, and masculine. At 24 I looked about 17 and probably weighed around 125. I was the quintessential twink.

When he cruised me, I was delighted. I thought I'd be worshiping "Daddy" all night. Once we were behind closed doors, however, I learned he wanted me to top him. Huh? I was confused -- he hadn't an ounce of nelly in him. I was more than happy to learn, and he was a good teacher.

I have no idea who the bloke is below or what his sexual persuasion might be. If he picked me up, I'd be perfectly happy if he was either a pig bottom or an alpha top. You can't always tell by the wrapping.

27 December 2010


Marco well demonstrates you don't need a monster cock to be a hot man. He supposedly is straight, but he made an awful lot of gay porn for a straight lad. He retired around 2002. I wonder what he looks like today?

If you'd like to download a free set of thirty high-quality images of Marco washing his car, be sure to click here.

26 December 2010

Boxing Day Tryst

Because Christmas fell on a Saturday, technically Boxing Day isn't until Monday, although most people celebrate it now on December 26 no matter what. And what better way to celebrate than with a hot piece of stud!

25 December 2010

Holiday Hotness

Osiris Cruz is a reader of this blog and an LA-based model. He's 29, 5'11", and 180 pounds. He'll soon be starting his PhD studies at UCLA. The photos are by Ryan Boyd.

If you're a hottie like Osiris and want your pictures to appear here too, don't hesitate to contact me via my email address which appears in the "about me" section in the right column.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

24 December 2010


Hey, yo, how ya doin? My name's Vinny. I'm from Brooklyn. Will said I could post somethin' on his blog today.

So here's my problem. Maybe one of yous can help me out. I'm straight, totally straight, but my girlfriend, she's a flight attendant, she's stuck in Europe 'cause of da snow. And here I am, stuck in Brooklyn, horny as fuck.

So maybe one of yous could come over and give me a blowjob? I need release, man.

Any of yous in Brooklyn? Any of yous want to help me out? I promise not to be too rough.

23 December 2010

Department of Onanism

I usually don't post videos back to back, but with the image host snafu, I thought I'd put another one up today. Here's Dean to keep you occupied.

Do you remember the first time you put your finger up your bum? Did you go all the way in? Did you realize it was much more fun than you thought?

22 December 2010

Tommy and Rusty

The setup is silly and the production values only middling, but the sex is very hot.

21 December 2010


Melchor was a popular pornstar in the 1980s and known for his trademark hands-free cumshot. He ably demonstrated how a man doesn't need a monstrous cock in order to be sensual and desirable. Sadly, he died of AIDS in the mid-1990s. If you'd like to download a free set of 25 high-quality photos featuring Melchor, be sure to click here.

20 December 2010


These are only a few of several hundred fantastic images created by a bloke who only identifies himself as Skinflute. You can see his entire portfolio on his DeviantArt page here. That's a free site, but you do need to join to see the erotic work (don't worry, they won't spam you -- I've been a member for years and have never received a single email from them).

19 December 2010

Big Mike

If Mike looks familiar, that's because you saw him here at Gods Amongst Men before. If you'd like to download a free 34 picture set of Mike in large format, be sure to click here.

I wish I could build my shoulders like his but I just don't have the frame. Or perhaps I'm just too old now. I keep trying and trying though.

18 December 2010

Ursine Love

Whenever I see hot construction workers toiling somewhere in public, in the secret warrens of my imagination I imagine this is what happens when they clock out for the day.

17 December 2010

Adventurous Amateurs

I wonder what the percentage of amateur shots like this end up intentionally on the Internet versus the percentage posted by mischievous or spurned lovers? Whatever the answer, I'm sure happy with the unending results.

16 December 2010

Scott the Red

My boyfriend and I still haven't determined whether our cute new tenant is gay. He doesn't have many friends over, but all the ones we've seen come by are male and somewhat geeky, with one exception. They could all be straight shy virgins still too inexperienced about how to get a woman into bed. The tenant is hotter than his friends although he's quite shy, the sort who blushes and averts his eyes whenever you speak with him about the most mundane of topics.

His one non-geeky friend is quite the hottie -- a freckled ginger lad with a nice swimmer's build and cocky attitude. He looks something like Scott the Red here. He's around more than any of the other friends. Time will tell if ginger lad and the shy tenant are in the cottage studying about replevining and res judicata or they're in there fucking their brains out.